A Safe Future

Safeture® is a complete cloud-based service managing risk, safety and crisis processes involving employees.

Why you need us

How and where we work has changed rapidly  – employees are often in many different locations, no longer based at the office.
The workplace could be at home, the café, or at a client’s office.

Regardless of where your employees work, they should always have the same protection as you provide in the office. If something happens, you must immediately be able to locate and contact them.

Safeture helps you protect your company’s most valuable asset – your employees!

What we do for you

If something serious happens, quickly get an overview of the incident and which employees and facilities could be impacted in our award-winning Safeture® platform, assisting you in making the right decisions,  enabling you to provide support faster.

Our analysts all over the world ensure that you receive accurate information about what has happened and what needs to be done.

More than 3500 companies trust Safeture® to ensure that employees always feel safe.

Building a world-leading platform

Communication, Information and Location – the streamlined solution to a complicated mission.


Two-way communication to make sure you can reach your employees and facilities with the highest accuracy and security.


Get relevant information about what has happened and advice on how to act.


Locate your employees immediately. One view of your organization’s global operations.

This is Safeture:

Take care of all your risk and crisis management needs – find new ways to safeguard your employees and secure your business.

Alerts published monthly
Regions monitored at all times
Companies trust Safeture®

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Protect your most valuable assets – Your employees!