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Safeture® is a complete cloud-based service managing risk, safety and crisis processes involving employees.

Why you need us

How and where we work has changed rapidly  – employees are often in many different locations, no longer based at the office.
The workplace could be at home, the café, or at a client’s office.

Regardless of where your employees work, they should always have the same protection as you provide in the office. If something happens, you must immediately be able to locate and contact them.

Safeture helps you protect your company’s most valuable asset – your employees!

What we do for you

If something serious happens, quickly get an overview of the incident and which employees and facilities could be impacted in our award-winning Safeture® platform, assisting you in making the right decisions,  enabling you to provide support faster.

Our analysts all over the world ensure that you receive accurate information about what has happened and what needs to be done.

More than 3500 companies trust Safeture® to ensure that employees always feel safe.

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Jonas Brorson

Three key trends all business need to be monitoring

The business environment is evolving fast, and so too is the risk landscape. In this important webinar, we will discuss three key drivers of change that all companies must monitor if they want to thrive in 2021. Joined by international risk expert, Dominic Bowen, we will explore the implications of societal, technological, and employee evolutions. Thriving in a volatile environment requires confidence to make the best decisions for your business. Join us for this insightful and essential discussion about risks, opportunities, and indicators to watch in 2021.

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Jonas Brorson

How are you managing global mobility?

How are you managing global mobility challenges and employee health and safety in ever changing world?
We invite you to join us for a Live Webinar together with Charles Taylor and Safeture.
1. How will new technologies best serve businesses in managing and protecting global workforces?

2. How can businesses adequately convey ‘safety’ in the workplace ?

3. What type of support can employees expect for mental health requirements and how can this be delivered?

4. What additional challenges are we still seeing in relation to medical cases, are simple day to day incidents and cases straight forward?

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Building a world-leading platform

Communication, Information and Location – the streamlined solution to a complicated mission.


Two-way communication to make sure you can reach your employees and facilities with the highest accuracy and security.


Get relevant information about what has happened and advice on how to act.


Locate your employees immediately. One view of your organization’s global operations.

This is Safeture:

Take care of all your risk and crisis management needs – find new ways to safeguard your employees and secure your business.

Alerts published monthly
Regions monitored at all times
Companies trust Safeture®

Latest from Safeture


February preview

Preview of February: Covid-19 to put a damper on Lunar New Year celebrations in Asia as cases surge Central African Republic’s violence highlights fragile government authority Flooding in parts of Malaysia raises concerns of Leptospirosis Kabul sees uptick of violence despite peace talks Continuous risk of kidnap for ransom in Nigeria Political and civil unrest rock the US


2021 preview

The team at Safeture presents a special preview edition to give an idea on what to expect for all main continents of the world in 2021. From a new president in the Oval Office to the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan as well as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our team of analysts in Brazil, Malaysia and Sweden will not only seek to connect the dots, but also take a step back to reflect on some of the biggest events of 2020.

Jonas Brorson

Marketing Automation Tech Specialist

På Safeture finns stora utvecklingsmöjligheter för dig som vill bli expert för en molnbaserad SaaS plattform, gillar marknadsföring och drivs av tekniska lösningar! Här blir du en del av ett innovativt och stadigt växande startup med en passion för tekniska innovationer och hur dessa kan hjälpa oss att skapa säkerhet.

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