Why Safeture – 7 reasons for choosing Safeture

Experience the productivity gains of automated risk management.

Reduce your manual labor with an automated workflow, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The Safeture Platform sorts out the relevant information based on user location, so that you are only notified of situations that require your action.

Improve your market offering and get more satisfied customers by adopting Safeture. You can scale up or down your platform usage to suit the need you have both today and tomorrow.

Usability and Usage

Easy access to relevant information

Based on travel bookings, your location, and the preferences you set, you are only presented with relevant information – reducing notifications to your phone. Everything in one place- combining information, location, and communication.

Intuitive interface

The Safeture platform is designed to be intuitive and straightforward with the same look and feel in the Web Portal as the Safeture Mobile Application. In an emergency, anyone can use the system instinctively without having regular use of either interface.

Highest usage rates

Significantly higher usage rates than other solutions in the market. 

Data Security

Legal compliance

Safeture’s policies, processes, and technology enable us to comply with and exceed industry standard requirements in regard to data security.

Information Security Management System based on the ISO/IEC 27002:2013. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Trusted by large, multinational companies

We are trusted by large, multinational companies such as Siemens who has high data security requirements.

Data Protection Measures

  • Data stored within EU
  • Hosting providers in Sweden
  • Supports SAML Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Customizable data retention period


Privacy Filtering

Safeture takes privacy very seriously, therefore we put end-users in complete control of their own privacy settings.

Users can set their visibility between:

  • Exact location
  • City level
  • State/Regional level.

Balance between security and privacy

The safety of your employees is most important. Whenever your employees need help and press our emergency button, help will immediately be on the way. The exact positioning is communicated with your medical assistance provider.

Price and Performance

Scalable pricing model

We offer a SaaS-based pricing model that is scalable and lets you pay for what you use. Our pricing model fits every organization, no matter if you are a small NGO or a multinational company. Our pricing model also includes:

  • Annual customer license that gives access to the Web Portal.
  • Per-app user price based on volumes.
  • Variable costs – PNR’s for traveling users and SMS sent from the Web Portal.

Integrations & APIs

Open Platform

Safeture is a technical platform built to be easily integrated into your current solution and set of suppliers.

Our future product roadmap guarantees we will keep up with new technology advancements and always stay ahead of the game.

Built on APIs

Safeture is an open platform built on API (Application Programming Interface.) We can integrate with any HR platform, Travel Management Company (all major GDS are already integrated), and third-party content and alert feeds.

Independent and Agnostic

Value creation through partnership

With a unique market position, Safeture acts independently and develops the whole technical platform in-house. Safeture cooperates with many types of partners in security, medicine, and travel to enable a complete offering.

Customize the set of content used

We are agnostic and open to work with any third-party supplier deemed necessary to the client’s needs. Safeture can be customized to suit the needs of your unique organization.

The Safeture Platform fits seamlessly into your current system architecture and you won’t have to let go of great things you already have in place. 

Onboarding and Activation

Quick onboarding process

We believe customer satisfaction starts with a fast and smooth implementation phase and friendly and knowledgeable supporters. With Safeture’s Client Development Team, you will be up and running within days instead of months, giving your organization peace of mind through a quick and informative onboarding process. 

Dedicated contact

When you choose Safeture, you will have a dedicated customer experience representative to handle all onboarding and training for the entire platform. The team will always answer any questions and provide additional support when required.

Onboarding journey

  • Set-up of customized Administrators
  • Travel Management Company (TMC) integrations
  • HR integrations
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) configurations
  • Travel email customizations
  • Admin training

The new way to protect your employees. Set up a meeting with our excited and friendly sales team. 

Welcome to the world of Safeture.