A unique service launched today to protect employees and organizations from Corona’s global spread

Safeture launches today a world-first Coronavirus exposure tracker for companies that, in real-time, correlates each employee’s travel patterns with the latest Covid-19 reported cases. The tool tracks daily Corona exposure into 5000 global subregions and in real-time checks with your employee’s historical, current, and future locations using both real-time GPS tracking and travel booking data.

The tool enables security, HR, and risk manager to get daily reports on Corona risk exposure of each employee based on each employee’s unique travel pattern. This is a vital tool to be able to mitigate and manage the coronavirus spread within a company in case the virus becomes pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the virus, many companies have tried to identify which employees may have been at risk of contagion when traveling in the vulnerable areas, an often difficult and time-consuming job, especially in global organizations.

With the new unique tool launched today, anyone who has Safeture’s security platform can quickly gain control over the situation and directly contact affected people, make an assessment of the necessary actions or cancel the trip.

“With our leading position in technological development, we are the first to develop this type of tool for the market, says Andreas Rodman CIO at Safeture.”

“We act quickly to adapt our service to major events such as the outbreak of the Coronavirus because it affects virtually all of our customers.”

More than 2,500 large companies all over the world today use Safeture’s unique platform to increase the safety of its employees, wherever they are. The platform allows you to quickly locate your employees and communicate with them in case they need help. Safeture also sends alerts and updated information about among other Coronavirus directly to users who are at risk.

/CIO of Safeture AB: Andreas Rodman: + 46708 10 13 16 andreas.rodman@safeture.com