analytics module
analytics module


Turns your data into insights

Safeture's Analytics Module helps you:

  1. Save time and money creating smart reports. 

  2. Correlate data for improved business intelligence.

  3. Understand underlying employee safety data.

  4. Manage company risk exposure.

  5. Visualize and share relevant statistics. 

You know that you easily can integrate to other Business Intelligence tools with our API:s and synchronize your current data, right? 

Data categories:

The number of Bookings,  Number of Segments, Co2 Tonnes used (estimated value), Distance traveled, etc.

Displays all emergency button clicks from the app over time and in which countries. Among included KPIs are: Total emergencies, Average Minutes to Resolve, Average time from emergency button clicked by the end-user to it being resolved, Max Minutes to Resolve: The longest resolve time for any of the selected emergencies. 

Displays data on all communication that has been sent from the platform.

Information on the number of travel bookings per month, with information on high/low risk destinations.

Analyzes the alerts that has been published for your organization.

Shows the users' different actions in the platform.

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