Turn your data into action

Merge your data between systems for improved business intelligence.

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See more of what you can do with Safeture's Analytics Module.

Emergency Data

Build a better emergency response

Get an overview of your emergency management and risk situations from collected data on the number of emergencies and average minutes to resolution. Make more informed decisions on where to focus your efforts by understanding past challenges. 

Emergency response data
Travel Data

Optimize your travel spend

Uncover travel patterns and trends across departments to identify areas of cost savings. Make it easy to take control of your carbon footprint by calculating your organization’s C02-emissions.

Travel data
Usage Data

Understand how the platform is used

Gain insights on how end-users are using the Safeture Mobile Application and insights on how administrators are using the Web Portal to better drive adoption. Get detailed information on the number of active apps, what content is being clicking on, the number of unique user sessions, actions, and more.

Usage Data
Alert Data

Prepare for the future with insights from the past

Avoid risk by identifying vulnerabilities based on past alerts and their geographical spread across the globe. Split the information into alerts by category, country, specific time period, and more to get an even better understanding of each.

Alert Data
Data Export

Export and share insights

Align your organization by downloading and sharing reports with relevant stakeholders across departments.

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