analytics module
analytics module


Turns your data into insights

Safeture's Analytics Module helps you:

  1. Save time and money creating smart reports. 

  2. Correlate data for improved business intelligence.

  3. Understand underlying employee safety data.

  4. Manage company risk exposure.

  5. Visualize and share relevant statistics. 

Data categories:

analytics data categories


Travel provides information on the number of PNRs per month from integrated TMC(s) and parsed data via emails (if configured). Totals are displayed based on the date ranges selected. The totals show the number of Bookings, number of PNRs, Number of Segments, Co2 Tonnes used (estimated value), Distance traveled.

Travel Risk

Travel Risk provides information on the number of travel bookings per month, with information on high/low risk destinations. The data is based on integrated TMC(s) and parsed data via emails (if configured) as well as Safeture analysts’ risk level data.


The Alerts tab allows you to analyze the alerts that have been published for the current account. The source of the alerts includes both alerts published by Safeture Analysts, as well as any potential Custom Alerts published.


The Message tab displays data on messages that have been sent from the platform. Messages are split into different sections: Push messages: Any kind of push message sent to app users (alerts, chat requests, flight info, etc) SMS: All SMS sent from the platform SMS Delivered: The number of successfully delivered SMS SMS Admin messages: The number of custom SMS sent by an admin from within the ISO portal. Welcome Messages: Includes all Welcome to messages sent to users crossing a border. Normally sent as SMS but can also include push messages.


This view displays all emergency button clicks from the app over time and in which countries. Among included KPIs are: Total emergencies.

Average Minutes to Resolve: Average time from emergency button clicked by the end-user to the case being marked as Resolved by an admin on the ISO.

Max Minutes to Resolve: The longest resolve time for any of the selected emergencies

App Usage

The app usage view displays a detailed view of all user interactions in the app. Sessions: A session is a user opening the app until the app is closed. Actions: While using the app an action is any type of click in the app. Unique Users: How many unique users have been active within the app. I am OKs: The number of clicks on the “I am OK”-button available on High and Medium risk alerts. Read Alerts: The number of alerts that have been read by a user. Manually reported location: The number of clicks on the “Report My Location”-button. The Actions within the app are broken down into a number of categories, which reflects different pages in the app: Alert Assistance Country (Country profiles) Currency (Currency Converter page) E-learning Home (Landing page of the app) In Depth (available on the landing page of the app) Medical POI (Point of interest/providers tab) Profile Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Methodology Settings Support Travel Booking Two-Factor Authentication

Web Usage

The web usage view represents the number of login sessions on the web portal. This is split into End users, and Admin users, and filters exist to differentiate between the two.


The Device tab displays information on the different OS versions used by the app users. Both major and minor versions of Android and iOS are represented as well as a country overview per version.

Device Installations

The Device installations tab reflects the number of active app installations and metadata. Current users: Reflects the current number of active apps. Note that some users might have more than one app/device which will have the user being represented twice in the data Users with Country Positioning: Of the currently active apps, how many have disabled Exact Location in favor of Country only tracking. Users with Exact Location: Of the currently active apps, how many have enabled Exact Location % of Users with Exact Positioning: A quota of the two above sections

You know that you easily can integrate to other Business Intelligence tools with our API:s and synchronize your current data, right? 

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