Mass communication

Mass communication in a crisis

In a critical situation, communication simply has to work. In both directions. With our patented technology, you can easily communicate with one or more employees no matter where they are.

Mass communication

When something serious happens, it is essential to get hold of the people who need information quickly. Those directly affected must receive information immediately, but it is usually complicated to know who is involved and where they are. With the help of Safeture's mass communication tool, you can instantly see which people are actually on-site, even if their regular work is elsewhere. Maybe it's a temporary visitor from the head office or delivery staff from a warehouse in another city. You can also see which employees are visiting customers, traveling, or working from home. In an instant, you mark precisely which people you want to communicate with and contact them and ask them to let you know if they need help. Safetures mass communication tools can be used at any time, for large or small messages, and you always know exactly who gets the information. You can feel confident that no one will be forgotten due to old lists or incorrect information. Custom / easy to use filters to select employees to communicate with. Multi-channel communication, including InApp, SMS, and Email. Confirmation of received and read status. Inbuilt resilience in areas of poor mobile coverage. Mass communication to groups, facilities, and location-based
mass communication
mass communication

The history of mass communication

Not so many years ago, it wasn't easy to reach employees while traveling or with a customer. Most of the time, you were referred to leave a message at the hotel or company's reception and hope that the person would soon pass and get the note in hand. If employees were far away, it could take their time to get in touch via a thin telephone line. 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today On April 30, 1993 the world's first web browser was introduced 1990 about 5 million mobile phone users in the world Today, communication is usually much easier, but sometimes it can still be a problem. With the help of a mobile phone and internet connection, you can almost always immediately reach the right person when something serious happens, such as a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or political unrest. But after a while, the networks are heavily loaded, and in a few hours, it may be even impossible to call someone. Safeture works with various tools to keep the communication going and finds channels that work when others break down. This makes it possible for both companies and employees to continue to receive information in critical situations. The key is that remote work is here to stay. It is not a passing trend. In Gartner's latest survey, it revealed that 82% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work some of the time remotely, and 47% of those reported that they intend to allow to work remotely full time going forward. Some of the largest tech companies, Facebook, Twitter, and Slack - have already confirmed that this is the new normal.

To be able to mass communicate in a crisis, you need a solid strategy and the correct tools.

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