Incident in Manila

Early warning of nearby grenade explosion.
case study manila

Finnish Immigration Service:
Evacuation from Baghdad


Ahead of deploying from our hotel to another location within Manila, the Close Protection Team we’re informed through the Satefure alert system that a grenade explosion had taken place 4km away from the hotel.

Actions taken

The timely information was factored in to that days route plan and an exclusion zone was placed over the surrounding area of the incident.


Ground transportation was informed and diverted. The information was easily disseminated for wider team awareness.


The speed of information was extremely beneficial to those deployed on the ground. The speed of this information allowed the time to plan and act accordingly in order to avoid areas of known hostilities. 

Operational requirement

The Safeture app provided early warning to the close protection Team, tasked in escorting clients around Manila and was key into route selection planning.

Assets deployed

  • Monitoring mass communication 

  • SMS alerts

  • Safeture country information alerts 


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Country: Philippines (Manila)

Emergency: Grenade explosion

Client: An international business risk and intelligence company


incident in manila

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