Offline communication case study

Communicating when all systems are offline

How is this possible, you might ask? This horror scenario happened to one of our customers, a large European manufacturer. Thanks to having implemented Safeture Facilities, crucial information could still reach the employees.
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For a complete managed service, during the implementation phase clients are introduced to SPS’s Global Response Centre (GRC). As a highly experienced evacuation provider, the GRC is well versed to supporting staff members who are caught up in various incidents.

The GRC is manned 24hrs a day by a team of industry professionals, who are trained to provide incident management ranging from wild elephant attacks to suspect packages being delivered to offices. The GRC will monitor the Safeture Platform on your behalf, distribute any mass communications, communicate and provide advice to travelers, and if required provide a physical security or medical responses, all whilst working as an extension of your team.

Marie is the CIO at a big European manufacturer with offices in 14 countries, delegation in another 30 countries worldwide, and approximately 800 employees to care for. She is responsible for managing the IT staff, implementing new IT strategies, planning, deploying, and maintaining IT systems and operations.

Some weeks ago, the day started like any other but soon turned upside down when the intranet and e-mail system and the server went down. 

A frightening moment in this age of time when the e-mail is our primary method of communication. 

 Marie’s company has been using Safeture and our services for some time and, with help from our great customer development team, set up a solid structure and implemented Safeture Facilities to manage their facilities and employees smarter. 

Safeture Facility is a module within the platform that enables you to in the most efficient way monitor, communicate and manage all types of facilities and the employees connected to the location.

“Because we have implemented Safeture and plotted our facilities in the system, we were still able to communicate with all of our employees and offices across the globe. It helped us tremendously send out crucial information and new updates on the situation to our entire workforce. Being able to create groups quickly is a wonderful thing to have. We had a separate group for the management team set up in minutes and were able to communicate – across the globe and offices.” - Marie

Safe to say that the outcome would have been entirely different without the help from the Safeture platform. This shows that only have one method of communication is not good enough; companies today must ensure they always can communicate, locate and inform – in all situations and even when the primary methods are not working.

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  • A reliable way to communicate in critical situations with multichannel routing
  • Keeps you informed and updated of incidents nearby any company facility
  • Enables quick communication to specific groups connected to any facility

Assets Deployed:

  • Group communication 

  • Alerts
  • Contact detals
  • Facility


Customer: Large European manufacturer



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