Evacuation from an active war zone

evacuation from an active war zone

Falck Global Assistance and one of Safeture’s Nordic risk management partners supported an evacuation of 45 people in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Communicating when all systems are offline

offline communication case study

How is this possible, you might ask? This horror scenario happened to one of our customers, a large European manufacturer. Thanks to having implemented Safeture Facilities, crucial information could still reach the employees.

Safeture and SPS Partnership

safeture sps partnership

Safeture clients are now able to enjoy the benefits of a complete managed service.

Our strategic partnership with SPS provides clients using Safeture Platform with the option of including Safeture platform management, proactive monitoring, incident management, global security and medical evacuation and response, plus a virtual crisis room.

Streamlining risk intelligence for an Oil and Gas company

oil and gas company risk intelligence case study

A multinational oil and gas organization was using multiple services from six providers to provide information on events near field assets, Travel booking data, Mass communication tools and business intelligence tools. On deploying Safeture the organization was able to reduce six contracts to two, with Safeture providing the platform integrating all travel data, plotting field assets and facilities, mass-communication to all employees and integration with a third party risk intelligence specialist provider. Fully deployed the Safeture solution provides instant notifications of incidents occurring near pipelines, platforms and traveler’s actual location. Previously the organizations GSOC would have to monitor six platforms and receive multiple alerts in multiple formats to aid travelers and to respond to incidents near assets.

Evacuation from Baghdad

case evacuation from baghdad

Relying on fast, relevant, and accurate information from multiple sources when operating in high-risk areas.