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Partner Portal/Information/ About Safeture About Safeture Company descriptions of Safeture to use externally.

Product Roadmap

Partner Portal/Product Roadmap​ Product Roadmap Below we have listed some of the larger product updates that currently are under consideration, planned for, and recently launched. Rate an idea under consideration Click on the under consideration tab below to view some of our ideas for upcoming updates that we are considering right now. Please rate its […]

Video Links

Partner Portal/Video Links Video Links Here you find all Safeture videos and embed codes if to be used on external websites. What we do – short ENG A short video explaining how Safeture makes safety simple. Lenght: 2.37 minutes​ Language: English Vimeo share link: https://vimeo.com/646435909 Vimeo embed code: What we do – short GER A […]

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Partner Portal/Information/FAQ Frequently asked questions Questions and answers covering topics such as platform functionality, data security and end-user privacy. FAQ by Category

Documents and Policies

Partner Portal/Documents and Policies Legal documents and policies Documents Information Security Document Certificate AddPro ISO27001 Certificate Fortlax ISO27001 Terms and Conditions Current Terms and Conditions All new agreements use the following Terms and Conditions Previous Terms and Conditions Earlier agreements can contain previous Terms and Conditions Data Protection Measures Find all security features included in […]

Product Information

Partner Portal/Resource Library Resource Library Safeture Company Brief Two-pager about what we do and how the Safeture platform works. Download the PDF and use it externally on events, on your website, send it to your customers, or use it in any other situation where you want to explain what we do. Click here Safeture Company […]


Resources Whitepapers Cases Previews Product Updates Webinars Tech Talks ep. 2 How technology and IT Security has improved our lives Vimeo share link: https://vimeo.com/565970240 Vimeo embed code: Tech Talks ep. 1 How do we handle threats to humanity? Youtube share link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op7Coef5ufY Duty of Care during the pandemic How technology and IT Security has improved […]

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