The difficulties of automatically locating employees during a crisis

difficulties of locating employees

This whitepaper provides a brief overview of the different methods and the difficulties of using automated systems for employee location. The paper focuses mainly on technical aspects, but also touches on cultural and behavior aspects. The legal aspects are too complex to fit into this white paper but can be summarized as: locating employees is legal in all countries if the employer fulfils the local legal compliance requirements.

A review of the current state of far-left militant groups on the global stage

far-left militant attacks whitepaper

This report aims to shine a light on some of the left-wing militant groups that remain highly active today and describe how their activities affect the security environment where they operate. Based on data recorded on attacks and other incidents linked to these groups in the Safeture alert database we will provide an overview of the geographical distribution of incidents, selection of targets and other relevant data regarding the threat of militancy and how it may affect foreign travelers or interests.