How are you managing global mobility challenges and employee health and safety?

Safeture & Charles Taylor

Duration:  50 minutes

Language: English

Date: 24th of February, 2021

This webinar is proudly presented by Safeture and Charles Taylor.

Learn more about: 

  1. How will new technologies best serve businesses in managing and protecting global workforces?
  2. Can businesses adequately convey ‘safety in the workplace. Where can businesses access the support, they need?
  3. What type of support can employees expect from supporting mental health requirements and how best is this delivered?
  4. What additional challenges are we still seeing in relation to medical cases? Are simple day to day incidents and cases straight forward?

Featured Speakers


Senior Sales Manager
For more than 13 years, he has been advising HR leaders on the global workforce, as well as working with the functional heads within Mobility, Travel Managers and Security. James is also well versed in establishing alliances and partnerships with Big 4 consultancies and top tier TMCs to deliver best in class solutions for the corporate world.


Chief Medical Officer
Charles Taylor
Lynn’s extensive medical experience straddles a range of disciplines; from helicopter trauma medicine and trauma intensive care to general practice, global assistance and travel clinic management. Former roles include more than fifteen years as a senior ship’s doctor for Princess Cruises and several years running her own GP and travel medicine practice in South Africa. She joined CEGA in 2015 as a medical officer and became CMO in 2017.


Business Development Diretor
Charles Taylor
Jane is recognised for developing global solutions for the insurance and assistance industry for over 15 years. Jane has been the CEO for Asia Medical Assistance to set-up assistance operations in Bangkok, Thailand and Chengdu, China. As Managing Director for Tangiers International, Jane moved into specialising in Defence Base Act (DBA) complex case management before joining Charles Taylor in 2020, to expand and diversify its service offerings to include emergency and security assistance programs. Jane has recently been nominated as one of 2020’s Hot 100 by Business Insurance USA.
charles taylor

About Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor dates back to 1884, when a group of shipowners set up a mutual insurance association. A trusted coal merchant, Charles Taylor, was appointed to oversee the funds and manage their claims. His astute management paved the way for future expansion.

While their Group capabilities are now much broader, the culture of service excellence and long-term partnership that results from managing a major mutual insurer permeates everything that they do.

We handle claims from end to end, establish and manage insurers, and implement technology solutions the world over.