Magnificent junior software developer

We are a tremendously great company that does fantastic things. Everybody is beautiful, smart and the sun shines on us every day. It is the best workplace ever imagined, it is cool, and we can walk on water. Yada, yada, yada …………….


I am so tired of writing platitudes about us so you can fill in the rest using your own imagination. This is what I really want to write:

If you are a junior software developer, I have some cool trivia questions for you:

  • Do you know why SQL statements look like English?
  • Do you know why it is possible to implement an entire first-person shooter game using only the mov x86 instruction? (It has been done)
  • Do you know how of one the largest proprietary software IT-companies became one of the largest protectors and contributors to Linux?
  • Do you know what the son of a chief scientist at NSA did in the end of the 80’s?
  • Do you know why packet loss is common when using the RFC1149 internet transmission standard?

If you like questions like these then we would like to meet you, because you might be a soul mate. 😀
All knowledge is valuable and software development is so complex you can never anticipate everything you need to know and understand. We are a small team of skilled developers that would like to find a junior upcoming talent to become part of our team. We want you to learn from our hard-earned experience and use your talent to help people all around the world through our global Safeture SaaS-platform.

Our Safeture platform is a big one where you can spend years learning and building your development skills and experience in different languages and technology stacks such as Linux, AngularJS, iOS, Node, Android, Swift, PHP, Java, Tensorflow, Objective-C, SQL, Python and more will come. We do not expect you to know all of these technologies, but we expect you to have an inquisitive mind and have tested different software technologies in your education or by yourself for your own private projects.

If you are a humble person with a high level of empathy that loves to learn new stuff, we would love to have you on our team. We could teach you some of the smart things and crazy stuff that we have done, while also listening to your ideas.

Just send an email to: