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Intelligente Technologie zum Schutz Ihrer modernen Belegschaft.

The Safeture Platform sorts out relevant risk information based on your employee’s current and future location so that you can act upon relevant, accurate, and reliable information.

In other words – you won’t have to waste any more time on a manual processes… no more excel sheets, no more updating the same information in three different systems, and no more compromising on employee safety.

Complex technology, easy to use.

The Safeture Platform consists of two interfaces – the Web Portal, used by the administrators, and the mobile application for end-users. If a serious incident happens, Safeture will provide you with an overview of the incident and will inform you which employees and facilities could be impacted. Safeture will assist you in prioritizing and enabling you to provide support faster.

Safeture Web Portal

Real-time overview of essential security data.

The Web Portal is your primary safety management tool as an administrator. The portal will give you a real-time overview of essential security data for your organization. By integrating all your travel data, HR databases, risk intelligence, or other systems you already have in place, you get a single access point to your employee safety management.
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Watch a quick demo of how to use the web portal.

Safeture Web Portal
Safeture mobile application

Safeture Mobile Application

Safety in the palm of your hand.

As an employee and end-user, the interaction with the Safeture Platform is through the Mobile Application. Employees get relevant alerts of nearby incidents, based on their current and future location, and can quickly communicate with their manager or assistance provider. In case of an emergency, employees can send their location and get information on travel bookings.

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Watch a quick demo of how to use the Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported system languages: You can access the static content of the platform in any of the following system languages listed below. The list of system languages applies to the platform’s static text, such as page headings, button text, etcetera. en – English fi – Finish sv – Swedish de – German es – Spanish fr – French pt – Portuguese ja – Japanese zh – Chinese (Simplified) Supported languages for machine translation of dynamic content: Dynamic content on the web portal and the mobile app supports the listed machine-translated languages below. For dynamic text like alerts, country names, country information, medical information, and covid-19 data, Safeture uses machine translation with an even longer list of supported languages. ar – Arabicbn – Bengalibg – Bulgarianzh – Chinese (Simplified)zh-T W – Chinese (Traditional)cs – Czechda – Danishnl – Dutchtl – Filipinofi – Finnishfr – Frenchde – Germanel – Greekiw – Hebrewhi – Hindihu – Hungarianid – Indonesianit – Italianja – Japanesejw – Javaneseko – Koreanlv – Latvianlt – Lithuanianms – Malaymr – Marathino – Norwegianpl – Polishpt – Portuguesepa – Punjabiro – Romanianru – Russiansk – Slovaksl – Slovenianes – Spanishsv – Swedishta – Tamilte – Teluguth – Thaitr – Turkishur – Urduvi – Vietnamese
These are the supported suppliers for train booking data integrated via email parsing (Traxo). Amtrak Deutsche Bahn East Coast Eurostar GWR Italo NS International Rail Europe Renfe Russian Railways SBB Rail Service ScotRail SNCB SNCF Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation Thalys Thetrainline.com Trenitalia VIA Rail Canada VR Rail
The app is available worldwide, with the following exceptions:
Yes, the Safeture platform supports single sign-on that allows you to use external identity platforms that are already used within your organization and thereby remove all administration of managing users. Please contact sales@safeture.com to enable the feature and start integration (Some configuration will have to be done in your own Identity Provider service, such as ADFS, AzureAD, Google G-Suite, etc) 
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