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Country Information Overview

In both the Web Portal and Safeture Mobile Application you can easily access our large database of country-specific information. For the Web Portal, this information is found in the Country Information Module that contains information about 230 countries in total. For each country, you find risk assessments, information on security issues, passport and visa requirements, medical information, and many other topics.

Country information is constantly updated and reviewed. Important information, such as the safety section, is updated within days of a significant change. Less critical information, such as “Cultural Do’s and Don’ts” and “Geography“, is generally reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.

On receipt of a travel booking, the employee will automatically receive a link via email and app notification with the travel booking details as well as country information for the specific destination. In addition, on arrival in the destination country the employee will receive a welcome to country message with a link to the country information.

All information is sectioned under the following categories:


Here, you find general practical information about a country relevant to you before traveling there. For example, what currency is used, the international dialing code, if there is a need for you to bring a voltage transformer or not, information on seasonal variations in weather, etcetera.

Image Overview Tab

overview tab


The Alerts section presents a summary of all alerts published within the selected country. You can click on any alert of your interest to access additional information about the incident that has occurred, its assigned risk level, advice on how to act, etc.

Image Alerts Tab


In the section called Risk, you find the Overall Risk Level for the selected country assigned by Safeture’s Analytical Team. This Overall Risk Level is weighted based on the different risk levels for each of the ten risk categories. You also get detailed risk information connected to each of the ten different risk categories.

Read more about our Risk Assessment Methodology.

Image Risk Tab

country risk


Contains information on international and domestic travel conditions for the country, including passport and visa rules.

Image Travel Tab


Contains various cultural information like information sources, dos and don’ts, female traveler advice, etcetera.

Image Culture Tab


Contains information on medical facilities and general health concerns.

Image Medical Tab


Contains information on restrictions regarding Covid-19.

Image Covid-19 Tab

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