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Home Page

On the Home Page of the Safeture Mobile Application, you’ll find a summary of the latest alerts relevant to you, based on your location, and a list of your upcoming travel bookings. At the top bar, you have quick access to your privacy settings and a Check-In button for manual location reports.

Image Home Page

home screen


The Home Page of the Safeture Mobile Application has a feed with the latest alerts relevant to you. Your privacy settings will influence what alerts are shown since they are filtered based on your location. The more exact location you allow, the more relevant the alerts you will receive. If you select additional countries of interest in the settings, you will also see those alerts in the feed on the Home Page.

When you receive a medium- or high-risk alert, you can confirm that you are OK by pressing the I’m OK button inside the alert. The Safeture Platform then informs the Administrator about your well-being. This input will help the potential Assistance Providers or your own Administrator(s) to follow up only with those who have not confirmed they are OK or have clicked the Emergency button.

Read more about the risk assessment methodology.

More information on the alert publishing process.

Since alerts are distributed based on your last known location, your privacy settings will directly impact what alerts you will receive. With a region or state level set, you will get all alerts within that region or state. You can also select a country of interest to get alerts from even though you are not currently located there.

Image Alerts App


Travel Bookings

On the Home Page, you will also find a list of all your upcoming travel bookings. Click on one of them to find detailed travel information for that trip. You will get push notifications for flight disruptions or gate changes and pre-travel advisories.

Image Travel Bookings

travel bookings app

Privacy Settings

We highly value end-user privacy and therefore give end-users the option to set their own privacy level by themselves in the Safeture Mobile Application. There, you can choose between the following privacy levels:

  • Exact

The exact GPS coordinates will be used to represent the end-user’s location.

  • City-level

City-level means that the end user’s location will be anonymized to a 20 x 20 km square, giving a bit more privacy, but while still being able to receive relevant alerts based on a fairly accurate location.

  • Region/State

Region/State means that the app will resolve which region or state the user is located within and send use this as the end-user’s location.

Image privacy settings

privacy settings

Check-In Button

The Check-In button is located at the top of the Home Page and is used to send up-to-date location reports to the Safeture Platform with respect to your privacy settings. Normally, the app sends location reports at intervals, so in most cases, the button provides a way to make sure an up-to-date location is sent.

If Scheduled Check-Ins are added as an additional service, Administrators can set certain dates and times when end-users will get notified to check in as a safety measure. If a check-in deadline is missed by one or several users, the system will trigger notifications to alert the Administrator.

Image Check-in Button

Check-in button

Emergency Button

In the middle of the bottom bar inside the Safeture Mobile Application is the Emergency button. When you tap it, you are directed to the Emergency section containing several different emergency numbers. At the top, you will find one or more SOS buttons (depending on the account setup). Tap on it to enable emergency mode. The Safeture Platform will inform both the Safeture Administrators and your security/medical providers simultaneously (if integrated into the platform) about the emergency. While in emergency mode, Safeture automatically informs your security provider of your current location for prompt assistance. 

Note: You can share your location and initiate emergency mode via SMS even if your mobile device cannot access the internet when you are experiencing an emergency.   

In the emergency section, you will also have access to all local emergency numbers, which are automatically updated based on the country where you are located. Finally, the emergency section also contains a link to a map view plotted with all nearby healthcare providers.

At the top of the Emergency section of the Safeture Mobile Application, you will find two tabs. Navigating to the Location tab will enable you to quickly share your location.

Image Emergency Button

emergency button

Country Information

Click on the globe icon in the bottom menu to find country-specific information for the country you are in  or a manually chosen location. The country information in the app is identical to the Country Information module in the Safeture Web Portal.

Image Country Information

country information

Image Medical



Safeture’s E-Learning program offers advanced training for employees. It contains a variety of courses that provide insights for safer travel. These include courses on Travel Health Risks, Crowd Safety, Women Travelers, High-Risk Locations, and many more.

Read more about our E-Learning program on Safeture’s website.

Image E-learning App


Providers – Medical and Accommodation

In the Providers tab of the Safeture Mobile Application, you will find a map view for both Medical and Accommodation Providers to help you locate the nearest hospital or safe hotel. In the filtering menu, you can choose to only show Safeture-preferred medical providers. Note that medical providers might only be displayed depending on your account setup.

Image Providers