Get to know Katja Pålsson

Sales Development Manager at Safeture

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Get to know Katja Pålsson, Sales Development Manager at Safeture!

What do you do at Safeture?
As the Sales Development Manager, I’m responsible for improving the bridge between marketing and sales at Safeture – that means building a team from scratch with new work processes and tools. Sales Development handles and qualifies both inbound marketing leads and outbound sales leads by researching, identifying, and connecting with potential new customers that meet our target criteria. We recently expanded the team with Safeture’s first SDR (Sales Development Representative) Frida Swahn, who I manage, train, and support. To increase the company’s direct sales by creating high-quality opportunities in the sales pipeline through persistent prospecting and consistent multi-channel outreach activities.

What are you the most passionate about when it comes to your work?
So many different things. It’s tricky only to mention one! But to create interest and sell a world-class leading employee safety platform that can help organizations protect their employees and ultimately save lives. Being a part of a fast-growing exciting SaaS (Software as a Service) company like Safeture and making an impact by building a new team from scratch is really cool! Also, recruiting junior SDRs and seeing them develop is priceless 😊

The biggest lesson learned from your career?

As a relatively young professional, my previous experience and advice (specifically to younger professionals) are not afraid to try jobs in different industries, countries, and cultures. You will gain and learn so much from it, which you’ll have with you for the rest of your working career! I think it’s so easy for many to get stuck and perhaps choose the more comfortable career options rather than to challenge themselves by trying new and different career opportunities.

Favorite thing to do when you are not working?
I’m a real foodie, meaning I love food – not to cook it myself, but to eat out and try new restaurants. I also have a soft spot for mountains and would go skiing most weekends during the winter if I could, but that’s a bit of a challenge when you live in the south of Sweden! 😉

Something not many people might know about you?
I lived in the Netherlands for about six months back in 2010 and could therefore speak/understand pretty good Dutch! 11 years later, I still stream and listen to Dutch radio at times to make sure I somewhat still understand the language.

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