Get to know Magnus Hultman

CEO at Safeture

magnus hultman

What do you do at Safeture?

I am the CEO of the company. In brief, it means that I am responsible for all the operational work and implementing our long-term strategy. The core strategy is to become the world’s leading employee safety platform by offering global customers the very best technology, user experience, and customer service as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering - making a complex offer simple and easy to use. We also have very aggressive growth targets for the coming years.

What are you the most passionate about when it comes to your work?

I love my job! I haven’t had a single day without not having fun at work. That is thanks to fantastic co-workers, great product offering and really cool prospects, customers and partners all over the world! My background is from the start-up world, so I am used to full speed and never-ending challenges to address. There is nothing as rewarding as solving something or winning a dream client.

The biggest lesson learned from your career?

I have run multiple companies throughout my career, and the list is long with lessons learned (…and much too often the hard way). Learning the hard way is good because you will never forget it. But the most important lesson is not trying to conclude each individual experience. Instead, I put it all in a bigger picture and draw conclusions from that. It is a key strength that I have developed over the years, and it has helped me build strategies that work! Finally, listen to customers, but know that they can only influence you, not decide for you.

Favorite thing to do when you are not working?

I am a country boy at heart. Growing up in my father’s greenhouse production has given me “a green thumb.” Working outside with my chainsaw and ax in the forest is something I value a lot (of course, putting safety first 😉 ). To keep me in shape, I play a lot of tennis and keep my mind sharp, I read many books and blogs and would never miss reading the Economist every week.

Something not many people might know about you?

The quite unexpected thing is that I have written and published a book about ergonomics even if I have never worked in that line of profession.

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