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One platform to protect all your employees

Streamline your risk and crisis management with Safeture.

We have challenged the status quo of our industry. The result? An employee safety platform that checks all the boxes without compromising on usability. We understand your needs and respect your time.

Our technology does a lot in the background, automatically filtering the most relevant information so that you are only informed of threats that require your action. 

Simple as that.


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Everything in one place

Why pay for one system for risk information, another to locate your employees, and a third to communicate? We cover the process in ONE single platform.

One platform to easily manage risk.

Flexibility is in our code

Independent platform offering freedom of choice. We cooperate with security and medical assistance partners and are easily integrated into your current set of suppliers and systems.

Design your solution.

Automated risk management

Lower your emergency response time through an automated process. We assess risks and alert you only of relevant incidents, influencing your employees and business.

Efficiency where it matters.

Trusted by almost 4 000 organizations’ globally

Experience the new way to protect your employees.

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Enterprise/Business Travelers

Business Travelers

A complete travel risk management solution.

Proactive travel risk management

When traveling, anyone can be exposed to many different risks and threats such as a medical emergency, a robbery, natural disasters, etc. Safeture offers you an easy way to take a proactive approach to travel risk management.

Locate travelers

Monitor critical events in real-time, and locate travelers based on their travel itinerary and/or their location positioning through the mobile application.

Country risk

We will inform you of any changes to the overall risk level for a country so you can stay proactive and reroute your travel, if necessary, in response. The business traveler will also get pre-trip emails with risk information about the country they are heading to. 


Educate and prepare your employees for their upcoming business travels to mitigate risk with Safeture’s e-learning courses. These courses prep employees for travel and include education, knowledge testing, and confirmation of each completed training.

Enterprise/Lone Workers

Lone workers

The same quality of care, despite location.

Protecting your lone workers

Your copywriter might work remotely at a café to boost her creativity. Another employee could be working alone on a construction site. Many employees are not in an office during regular office hours. The fact that you, as a manager, are not working from the same location supervising them in person should not result in a risk in their safety.  

The Safeture Platform offers all you need to protect lone workers, no matter where they are working from. 



Safeture observes every part of the world in real-time, 24/7, to send immediate, automated alerts of critical incidents straight to your employee via the Safeture Mobile Application. 

Scheduled check-ins

Automate the process of making sure your employees are OK by scheduling check-ins. Your employee can confirm their wellbeing and send their current position at the same time.

emergency button

Emergency button

If an employee is experiencing an emergency, they can alert both the Safeture Administrators and a security/medical provider with one click to get immediate help.

Dynamic positioning

The Risk Map presents you with global risk information that together with the location of your employees and facilities lets you detect and act upon any threats.



Protect all employees working at the same location.

Communicate with all on-site employees

Protect all your employees who are at the same office, factory, warehouse, store or similar location. Safeture’s facility module offers the possibility to add static locations and protect a large scale of employees with or without the Safeture Mobile Application. If an incident happens near that location, it will trigger a notification to the Administrator who can quickly communicate with all employees who are on-site at once. 

Static locations

The Facilities Module lets you add fixed locations to the system and safeguard your whole group of employees who are working on-site. These locations might include an office, warehouse, factory, store or other company building.

Facility contact

Facility contacts

Import all your on-site workers into the system and connect them to a specific facility. A phone number or email address is all you need to communicate, offering a great complement to the dynamic location positioning through the Safeture Mobile Application. 


You will instantly be alerted if an incident occurs within a facility’s impact radius. Immediately message that facility with a mass communication to ensure that your employees are safe.

Safeture's real-time mass notifications and strong geolocation services have enhanced our travel security portfolio for the sake of our employees' life and limbs.

Marco Mille

Marco Mille, Head of Corporate Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supported system languages: You can access the static content of the platform in any of the following system languages listed below. The list of system languages applies to the platform’s static text, such as page headings, button text, etcetera. en – English fi – Finish sv – Swedish de – German es – Spanish fr – French pt – Portuguese ja – Japanese zh – Chinese (Simplified) Supported languages for machine translation of dynamic content: Dynamic content on the web portal and the mobile app supports the listed machine-translated languages below. For dynamic text like alerts, country names, country information, medical information, and covid-19 data, Safeture uses machine translation with an even longer list of supported languages. ar – Arabicbn – Bengalibg – Bulgarianzh – Chinese (Simplified)zh-T W – Chinese (Traditional)cs – Czechda – Danishnl – Dutchtl – Filipinofi – Finnishfr – Frenchde – Germanel – Greekiw – Hebrewhi – Hindihu – Hungarianid – Indonesianit – Italianja – Japanesejw – Javaneseko – Koreanlv – Latvianlt – Lithuanianms – Malaymr – Marathino – Norwegianpl – Polishpt – Portuguesepa – Punjabiro – Romanianru – Russiansk – Slovaksl – Slovenianes – Spanishsv – Swedishta – Tamilte – Teluguth – Thaitr – Turkishur – Urduvi – Vietnamese
Click here to see the complete list and what travel booking types are supported.
These are the supported suppliers for train booking data integrated via email parsing (Traxo). Amtrak Deutsche Bahn East Coast Eurostar GWR Italo NS International Rail Europe Renfe Russian Railways SBB Rail Service ScotRail SNCB SNCF Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation Thalys Thetrainline.com Trenitalia VIA Rail Canada VR Rail
The app is available worldwide, with the following exceptions: Android: Not available in Brunei and North Korea. iOS: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
Yes, the Safeture platform supports single sign-on that allows you to use external identity platforms that are already used within your organization and thereby remove all administration of managing users. Please contact sales@safeture.com to enable the feature and start integration (Some configuration will have to be done in your own Identity Provider service, such as ADFS, AzureAD, Google G-Suite, etc) 

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