Keeps you informed and updated of incidents nearby any company facility

Safeture’s Facility Module helps you:

  1. Link your employees to your organization’s offices, factories, warehouses or other facilities.
  2. Get a geographical overview of all company assets – both facilities and employees
  3. Define roles within a facility by adding management tags.
  4. Communicate only with the managers, with all staff in a specific facility or with all facilities within the company.
  5. Even without the Safeture application, the employees that are connected to a facility can be contacted if there has been an incident nearby.

The Facilities Module automates alerts based on the facility location instead of an employee's individual location.

A great way to protect many employees!

Facility Tags

The tag system in the Facility Module lets you distinguish facilities that have some kind of common denominator from the rest. For example, you might want to give factories, warehouses, or another facility type individual tags. 

Defined Roles

Segment your contacts by distinguishing managers from your other employees. Just tick the management box in the Admin Portal for the contacts with such a role to achieve more flexibility with who you want to target with your communication.  

Facility Contacts

Any user connected to a Facility is called a Contact. Contacts can be connected to one or more facilities and are displayed under the “Contacts” tab for each facility. 

Linking contacts to facilities gives you a great overview of your workforce. 

Targeted Communication

Based on the Management tags you can easily target the right audience with your communication. You can choose to only communicate with your employees; employees and managers; only managers; people at one specific facility; or all your facilities at once.  

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