How do you protect end-user privacy?

Protecting end-user privacy is at the core of Safeture’s values and something we work hard to achieve it in all aspects. Below you find measures implemented with regards to end-user privacy:

  • The end-user can easily disable all service including positioning capabilities in the mobile application.
  • The end-user can also set their own privacy level, which means that the mobile application will not report the exact location if desired, keeping the user’s location more private. Click here to read more about what privacy levels to choose from.
  • As a standard, Web Portal Administrator can only see the last known position (updated every hour) and no location history or travel patterns. Position history can only be provided to companies and partners if requested. Such requests are handled case by case and only if Safeture deems it to be a valid reason for such request, and that it is for the benefit of the end-user.
  • Safeture is based in Sweden, a country that has a long history of protecting the privacy and rights of employees. Safeture is required by law to provide any end-user with information on all data stored related to him/her.