FAQ - Mobile Application

Which languages can I access the platform in?

Supported system languages:

You can access the static content of the platform in any of the following system languages listed below. The list of system languages applies to the platform’s static text, such as page headings, button text, etcetera.

  • en – English
  • fi – Finish
  • sv – Swedish
  • de – German
  • es – Spanish
  • fr – French
  • pt – Portuguese
  • ja – Japanese
  • zh – Chinese (Simplified)

Supported languages for machine translation of dynamic content:

Dynamic content on the web portal and the mobile app supports the listed machine-translated languages below. For dynamic text like alerts, country names, country information, medical information, and covid-19 data, Safeture uses machine translation with an even longer list of supported languages.

ar – Arabic
bn – Bengali
bg – Bulgarian
zh – Chinese (Simplified)
zh-T W – Chinese (Traditional)
cs – Czech
da – Danish
nl – Dutch
tl – Filipino
fi – Finnish
fr – French
de – German
el – Greek
iw – Hebrew
hi – Hindi
hu – Hungarian
id – Indonesian
it – Italian
ja – Japanese
jw – Javanese
ko – Korean
lv – Latvian
lt – Lithuanian
ms – Malay
mr – Marathi
no – Norwegian
pl – Polish
pt – Portuguese
pa – Punjabi
ro – Romanian
ru – Russian
sk – Slovak
sl – Slovenian
es – Spanish
sv – Swedish
ta – Tamil
te – Telugu
th – Thai
tr – Turkish
ur – Urdu
vi – Vietnamese

In which countries is the app available?

The app is available worldwide, with the following exceptions:

  • Android: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
  • iOS: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.

Is the app gathering location data even when the app is only running in the background?

The system allows Safeture to locate the user based on the location of the device when the app is running (even when the App is not being used, but just running in the background) and when the user consents with the geolocation function.

Does the app consume a lot of battery?

No. Although use and battery consumption can vary between individual devices, the app and the system has been optimized to keep good battery life, while at the same time offering good location tracking. Typically, the app only consumes a few percents of battery per day, when in background mode. This is much less than most other popular applications such as Facebook etc.

Does the app need internet access to work?

Information: Internet access is required for the Safeture Mobile Application to work as intended. However, some information is automatically downloaded in the background and can be used at any time, such as: 

  • Local emergency phone numbers and assistance provider phone numbers 
  • Alerts (My Alerts only) 
  • Travel Itineraries 

Other data is downloaded only when the user opens the page containing the information. This includes: 

  • Country information (except local news, only news headings are stored offline) 
  • Medical databases
  • Global alert list 
  • Currency Converter (Exchange rates)
  • Providers, such as hospitals and hotels (Only latest search is stored offline) 

For country information, the information is downloaded one country at a time. This means that the user needs to access each country that should be downloaded.

Communication: Some communication can still occur via SMS. You will of course still be able to receive SMS from the Safeture platform without internet access.

Location: When offline, your latest location sent to the servers will be shown in the Web Portal, but no updates will be sent until the app goes online again. When you press the red “SOS” button on the assistance page in your Safeture app, the system will automatically open your SMS dialog after the five-second countdown and you can send your position to the Safeture platform, and the admin will be alerted.

When you click the check-in button without internet access, you can press “Try using SMS” to send it.

How often is the location of end-users updated?

When the app is kept in the background, your location will be updated around once every hour. This will keep battery consumption at a relatively low level, but still, keep the app updated to make sure you receive relevant alerts close to your location. The location will be updated more frequently if you are traveling or if you are using the app actively.

How accurate is the location reporting?

The accuracy of location reporting mainly depends on whether the app can get proper satellite coverage. Problems might occur, either when being indoors or close to tall buildings. There are other factors that influence accuracy as each device’s GPS accuracy may differ.

Other apps might have a few meters better accuracy by enabling a constant GPS flow. However, these apps will drain your phone’s battery fairly quickly. Normally, Safeture gets an accuracy of around 100m to keep the battery consumption at a low level, and in order to ensure a good balance between accuracy and battery consumption.

Is there an option to manually report location as an end-user?

Yes. The Check-in button is located at the top of the home page and is used to send up-to-date location reports to the Safeture Platform with respect to the end-user’s privacy settings. 

If Scheduled Check-ins are added as an additional service, Administrators can set certain dates and times when end-users will get notified of when to check-in as a measure of ensuring their employees’ safety. If a check-in deadline is missed by one or several users, the system will trigger notifications to alarm the Administrators. Click here to read more about Scheduled Check-ins.

Can emergency mode be initiated even without internet access?

Yes. Even if your mobile device cannot access the internet and you are experiencing an emergency you can still share your position and initiate emergency mode.