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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers covering topics such as platform functionality, data security and end-user privacy.

Frequent Questions – Partner

In which countries is the app available?

The app is available worldwide, with the following exceptions:

  • Android: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.
  • iOS: Not available in Brunei and North Korea.

Can I use a Single Sign-On solution with the Safeture Platform? 

Yes, the Safeture platform supports single sign-on that allows you to use external identity platforms that are already used within your organization and thereby remove all administration of managing users. Please contact to enable the feature and start integration (Some configuration will have to be done in your own Identity Provider service, such as ADFS, AzureAD, Google G-Suite, etc) 

Do you have a documented Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and how often is it tested? 

Yes, and it is tested yearly.

What measures do you take to protect user data?

Click the link to read about all of Safeture’s Data Protection Measures:

Who is the controller and processor of the data?

Data Controller

If you have received the service through your employer then the employer is the data controller. If you have purchased the service as a consumer directly from Safeture then Safeture is the data controller. 

Data Processor

The data processor is Safeture AB and the processing of data is conducted in Sweden. 

What type of data is processed? 

Categories of end-user’s personal data : 

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Country of residence 
  • Network information (e.g. IP-address) 
  • Email address* 
  • Mobile Phone number* 
  • Position data* (restricted and when consent by end-user) 

* required data for the service to function properly 

The personal data that is processed includes all the above. In the Web Portal, you can also add data are the following non-mandatory fields: Address, Zip Code, City, State, Department, Nationality, Gender, Job title, Passport number, and Line manager. 

What happens in the Safeture Platform if an upcoming flight is delayed?

We update our database with cancellations and updates accordingly, both by manually scanning the source and by receiving automatic Passenger Name Record (PNR) updates. The manual scan for updates is performed at a schedule of 168h, 72h, 48h, 24h, 6h, and  1h before departure for each trip, to make sure our data is up to date. Delays are checked up until the actual departure. 

Can Administrators send alerts?

Yes, you are not limited to only using Safeture’s own alerts. If you as an Administrator may wish to publish additional alerts yourself, the Custom Alerts feature enables you to do so. Click here to read more about Custom Alerts. The information you need to create a new alert is a title, risk category, severity degree (low, medium or high risk), text about the event, advice on how to act, a location, and selected affected countries. 

Is it possible to edit the country information?

The Country Editor gives you the option to customize the Country Information. The information is categorized under the following headings: Overview, Travel, Culture, Medical, Covid-19, and My Organization Information. The changes done will be reflected both in the Safeture Mobile Application and Web Portal. 

Is the app gathering location data even when the app is only running in the background?

The system allows Safeture to locate the user based on the location of the device when the app is running (even when the App is not being used, but just running in the background) and when the user consents with the geolocation function.

Does the app consume a lot of battery?

No. Although use and battery consumption can vary between individual devices, the app and the system has been optimized to keep good battery life, while at the same time offering good location tracking. Typically, the app only consumes a few percents of battery per day, when in background mode. This is much less than most other popular applications such as Facebook etc.

Does the app need internet access to work?

Information: Internet access is required for the Safeture Mobile Application to work as intended. However, some information is automatically downloaded in the background and can be used at any time, such as: 

  • Local emergency phone numbers and assistance provider phone numbers 
  • Alerts (My Alerts only) 
  • Travel Itineraries 

Other data is downloaded only when the user opens the page containing the information. This includes: 

  • Country information (except local news, only news headings are stored offline) 
  • Medical databases
  • Global alert list 
  • Currency Converter (Exchange rates)
  • Providers, such as hospitals and hotels (Only latest search is stored offline) 

For country information, the information is downloaded one country at a time. This means that the user needs to access each country that should be downloaded.

Communication: Some communication can still occur via SMS. You will of course still be able to receive SMS from the Safeture platform without internet access.

Location: When offline, your latest location sent to the servers will be shown in the Web Portal, but no updates will be sent until the app goes online again. When you press the red “SOS” button on the assistance page in your Safeture app, the system will automatically open your SMS dialog after the five-second countdown and you can send your position to the Safeture platform, and the admin will be alerted.

When you click the check-in button without internet access, you can press “Try using SMS” to send it.