Safeture Gold Partner

Risk & Crisis Management Solutions, designed for
the unique needs of your business

Three ways G|24 prevents chaos from stifling your business.

G|24 combines best-in-class Response Processes and the world’s most comprehensive Emergency and Crisis Technology, to keep your greatest assets safe. 

  • Strengthen your business resilience against health and security risks 
  • Integrated Risk Mitigation and Incident Management Technology 
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Personnel Support 

Preparation & Mitigation

Operational readiness is the goal. Our expert advisors collaborate with your team and take a deep-dive inside your operations, identifying those weaknesses that will expose your business to its greatest risks.

  • Health Consulting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Consulting
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Best-in-class first response processes


We are there for you and your people – anywhere, anytime. When an incident occurs, our Global Operations Centre personnel will immediately activate our worldwide network of medical and security experts, providing the necessary assistance to keep your people safe and cared for.

  • Serious incident alerts and advice via mobile phones
  • In-country Crisis Response Centre established where required
  • Emergency response and crisis management resources deployed
  • 24/7/365 access to medical providers and remote medical advice.
  • Security and Crisis Consulting for complex problem solving and incident response

About Global 24

G|24 is based in Sydney, New South Wales, working in the industry of Hospitals and Health care. Our years of experience dealing with security risks and emergency situations have provided our team with the knowledge and commitment to deliver excellence in the prevention of chaos in your business. 

More about Global 24

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