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Carefully researched and vetted information in the Safeture platform is an indispensable tool for acting to protect lives.


Safeture USP

Be first but be wrong

Today, there is rarely a lack of information when something serious happens. Immediately, pictures and stories appear on mainly social media, and the explanations for what happened are often quick but also wholly diverse.

Making correct assessments is difficult in stressful situations, and when everyone is waiting for an answer. Then it is important to be able to lean on a credible partner. It is always more important to make the right decision than to make a quick wrong decision.

500 million tweets per day
1.79 billion daily active users
More than 500 Hours of video
uploaded to YouTube every minute

Accurate information

For those on-site, the events’ descriptions can be very different from what you experience. In addition, rumors are spreading rapidly and are impossible to judge whether they are true or not.

To really help people in need and help companies that have affected staff, Safeture is extremely careful to send only accurate and factual information. Our own qualified analysts skillfully assess everything reported and how credible the information is before it is compiled and forwarded.

With our platform, companies can also easily inform their employees about important events in their own business and also get a receipt that the information has landed.

Reliable information creates security.

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