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Future of Afghanistan

October Preview

October Preview: World ponders future of Afghanistan with the return of Taliban. Military coup overshadows Independence Day celebrations in Guinea.

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August Preview

In August, the typhoon season will reach its peak in parts of Asia. Also, we see hackers taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Safeture SPS Partnership

Case Study - Safeture and SPS Partnership

Safeture's strategic partnership with SPS provides clients using Safeture Platform with the option of including Safeture platform management, proactive monitoring, incident management, global security and medical evacuation and response, plus a virtual crisis room.

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Case Study – Streamlining risk intelligence for an Oil and Gas company

A multinational oil and gas organization was using multiple services from six providers to provide information on events near field assets, Travel booking data, Mass communication tools and business intelligence tools. On deploying Safeture the organization was able to reduce six contracts to two, with Safeture providing the platform integrating all travel data, plotting field assets and facilities, mass-communication to all employees and integration with a third party risk intelligence specialist provider.

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HR integration

Use Case - HR integration

Organizations often experience issues with getting databases and systems to talk to each other automatically and to ensure that all systems are up to date with the correct information.

Safeture’s HR integration solves the problem of keeping information up to date between HR databases and the employee safety platform.

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Enhanced Risk Map

Enhanced Risk Map

Explore the improved usability of Safeture's Enhanced Risk Map. Cluster alerts and filter your personnel, incidents or risk information.

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Enhanced Privacy Filtering

Release April 22: Balance the needs for accurate positioning, relevant alerts, and end-user privacy. This setting also enables the user to receive relevant alerts based on their current location, resolving the issue of irrelevant alerts and information.

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Scheduled Check-ins

Mitigate risks and maintain peace of mind with a single add-on.

Are your employees working in insecure or high-risk areas? With the Safeture scheduled check-in you have complete
control of when your employees have to check-in from their Safeture mobile app.

Get notified immediately when a scheduled check-in is missed and take actions straight from your Safeture dashboard.

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Data nationalism
How are you managing global mobility challenges and employee health and safety?
Sicherheitsfragen Bei Entsendungen!

Latest Press Releases

Safeture signs three-year agreement worth close to SEK 4 million

PRESS RELEASE: Safeture AB Lund has signed a three-year agreement with SPS, an international security and assistance company, to provide services to a large German client. Under the agreement, SPS will manage and oversight more than 60 000 employees based globally who have access to the Safeture platform. Services include including eLearning, facilities monitoring, and travel management integration. The three-year contract is valued at 383 000 Euros.

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Safeture signs new deal with Insured Nomads, a global insurtech for the new normal

PRESS RELEASE: Safeture has entered into an agreement with the U.S./EU corporation Insured Nomads, the first insurtech company focused on remote workers, digital nomads, expats, and travelers. As of now, Insured Nomads, with the help of Safeture's technology, can offer and extend policyholders with an upgrade of benefits and services suited to the needs of the new normal. Initially, the agreement runs for three years and gives Safeture 500 000+ USD plus additional revenue with membership growth.

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Safeture carries out a directed share issue of approximately SEK 38.6 million

The board of directors of Safeture AB (”Safeture” or the ”Company”) has, pursuant to the authorization granted by the annual general meeting on 4 June 2020, resolved on a directed issue of approximately SEK 38.6 million before issue costs, comprising 4,600,000 new shares at a subscription price of SEK 8.40 per share (the “Directed Issue”). The Directed Issue is made to a limited number of selected investors, including Topline Capital Partners LP. The Directed Issue entails a dilution of approximately 15.3 percent of the number of shares and votes in the Company. In connection with the Directed Issue, the Company’s largest shareholder, Adma Förvaltnings AB, has also entered into an agreement to transfer 3,000,000 existing shares in the Company to Topline Capital Partners LP and 400,000 shares to Ninalpha AB.

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Travel risk assessment tool

Check out our new (free) travel risk management review tool! 

This questionnaire is based upon the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 31030 guideline for travel risk management. ISO 31030 covers all aspects of corporate travel, including authorizations, planning, policy, traveler assessment, transportation, destination, accommodation, and more.

Check my travel risk is a great tool for organizations who wants to begin developing a strategy for travel risk management, or benchmark their existing work with the ISO 31030 standard.

This tool is designed by Safeture and powered by AON.

travel risk management

Covid-19 Information

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The Covid-19 global pandemic affected all and everything, but it is time to look ahead. Let’s open up for business! provides people with free access to accurate and real-time information on virus restrictions so they can plan their next business or family trip. This is the first interactive mapping tool to help viewers see which Covid-19 restrictions apply to specific countries and is available to embed on other sites free of charge.

We now have a full global pandemic forcing the world into lockdown. But each country and even regions, have their own approach to lockdown restrictions, making it difficult to keep track of the range of rules. Slowly, the world is easing its restrictions, and Safeture’s free tool gathers all the available restrictions data from around the world and collects it all on one interactive map, which is the first of its kind in the world.

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