The difficulties of automatically locating employees during a crisis

whitepaper locating employees

Contributor: Andreas Rodman, CIO and Co-founder at Safeture

During a crisis, finding the location of employees is a crucial function to confirm who is ok and who needs assistance. Using modern smart phones might seem like a simple solution to this problem, but working solutions are far from simple or fully reliable...

The paper takes a technical, cultural, behavioral and legal perspective on the following technologies and methods for locating employees:

  • Mobile phone location
  • Travel booking itinerary
  • Place of work
  • Manual reporting of location
  • Special hardware locator device
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Andreas Rodman

Andreas Rodman

Andreas is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Safeture and previously CEO. Andreas Rodman has a master's degree in computer technology from Lund University in Sweden. Andreas like to understand things and he often digs deep into a topic and present his findings by facts and figures. He lives with wife and kids by the sea. When he is not working he indulges in sci-fi and fantasy literature.