Find out where everyone is in the Safeture platform

When you immediately need to know exactly where your employees are, Safeture’s platform helps you locate them and ensures that they receive real-time alerts based on their actual location.


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Questions that must be answered

When something serious happens, the first question a security officer asks is: do we have an employee on-site?

With the help of Safeture’s platform, you can get an immediate answer. Which people are where? How far away from the events are they? Which are the first ones I need to contact?

Data in the platform is updated in real-time, meaning you are not dependent on lists and registers being updated. You can also immediately see if there are visits from other company offices or if any of your employees work from home or are on customer visits.

Everything is reported immediately, and no precious minutes or even hours are lost to get a complete overview of the situation.

To have this knowledge at hand makes a huge difference.

Your employees can feel safe and know that help is always close.

Is any employee on site?
Where exactly are they located?
Do they need help?

Who needs help first?

Being in a big city often means that you do not know what is happening a few blocks away, especially not indoors. Then you do not hear emergency vehicles and do not notice the anxiety in the streets until you get out.

Via the platform’s map function, you can directly contact everyone on-site and give them information about what happened and what they need to do to avoid problems. The employee can immediately call for help without even knowing where they are. The positioning provides all the necessary information for a quick rescue.

Safeture’s platform makes it possible to help those who need help the most.

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