medical information
medical information

Medical Information

Facilitates your search for medical information or a medical provider when needed, wherever you are.

medical information module

Safeture’s Medical Information Module helps you:

  1. Quickly find a medical provider near you in case of a medical incident.
  2. Access information about various medications, their names in different languages, potential side effects, etc. 
  3. Prepare for your upcoming business trip by reading about the country specific medical information. 
  4. Find information on different medical conditions, including a description, its symptoms and how to prevent you from getting it. 

Country-specific medical information

Each country of the world has its medical information that you easily find in the Safeture app. Reading this information is a great way to prepare for an upcoming business trip. 

Medical facilities

Contains information on the quality of the medical care in a specific country, who is in need of medical insurance, etc. 

Health concerns

Contains information on what vaccinations are needed to travel to that specific country, what diseases are of high risk, the quality of the tap water, etc.

Medical Conditions

In the Safeture Application, the end-user can easily find a list of different medical conditions, including: 

  • Short description
  • Symptoms
  • Preventive actions

Medical Providers

When you are visiting a new country or place it can be difficult to find locate all medical providers near your location. 

Under the providers tab in the Safeture Application you find all Hospitals / Doctor Clinics spotted on the map. If you click on one you access their phone number, the direction to go there, link to their website and also with a label if they are preferred by your medical assistance company.

Medication List

List of medications in the Safeture app, which helps your employees to quickly access a short description, what subclass it belongs to, potential side effects and the medication's different names in various languages. 


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