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Safety in the palm of your hand

Get relevant alerts of nearby incidents, based on your current and future location, straight to your mobile application.

In case of an emergency, enable emergency mode to inform your manager, medical- and/or security provider about the situation together with your exact location. 
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Notifications of critical incidents near you

Stay informed of any incidents that might put you at risk. The Safeture Platform filters out alerts based on your current and future location to only present you with relevant information. Report back to your manager or security/medical assistance provider that you are OK. 

Privacy Settings

Security and privacy should not be conflicting

We give end-users the freedom to set their own privacy level in the Safeture Mobile Application. Choose between exact location, city-level, or region/state level. In the app, you can also easily disable the positioning completely. 

privacy settings
Check-in Button

Manually report your location

Manually send up-to-date location reports to the Safeture Platform by pressing the check-in button. If Scheduled Check-ins are added as an additional service, Administrators can set certain dates and times when end-users will get notified of when to check in as a measure of ensuring their safety.

Check-in button
Emergency Button

Initiate emergency mode and get immediate help

Press the SOS button to enable emergency mode. When doing so, the Safeture Platform will inform both the Safeture Administrators and your eventual security/medical providers at the same time. Whilst calling, Safeture automatically informs them of the current location for swifter assistance. 

country information
Country Information

Get to know a country

Get a better understanding of the country you are traveling to with Safeture’s extensive database of country information. The information provided includes an overview of the country and information about its culture, Covid-19, travel, medical providers nearby, news, and safety.

Medical and Accommodation Providers

Find the nearest hospital or hotel

In the providers tab of the Safeture Mobile Application you find a map view with both Medical and Accommodation Providers to help you locate the nearest hospital or safe hotel using the map or search bar. In the filtering menu, you can also choose to only show Safeture-preferred medical providers. 


Prepare for your upcoming travels

Safeture’s e-learning offers advanced training for employees. It contains a variety of courses that provide better conditions for safer travel. These include Travel Health-risks, Crowd safety, Female travelers, High-risk location, and many more. 

Travel Bookings

All the latest information on your upcoming travels

In the app, you find a list of all your upcoming travel bookings. Also, you will get push notifications for flight disruptions or gate changes and pre-travel advisories.
Travel bookings