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December 29, 2020 by Safeture

2021 preview
The team at Safeture presents a special preview edition to give an idea on what to expect for all main continents of the world in 2021. From a new president in the Oval Office to the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan as well as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our team of analysts in Brazil, Malaysia and Sweden will not only seek to connect the dots, but also take a step back to reflect on some of the biggest events of 2020.

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December preview

December Preview: Fresh Covid-19 waves trigger lockdowns and protests across the globe.
Ethiopia-Tigray conflict continues to instigate regional tension amid mutual aggression.
European countries on alert following deadly terror attacks in France and Austria. Air pollution grips northern India as winter begins.
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November preview

November Preview: After almost four rather tumultuous years under the presidency of US President Donald J. Trump, voters will once again head to voting centers on 3 November to cast ballots for the next leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

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Jonas Brorson

October preview

October preview: Ivorians are set to head to the polls on 31 October, in what will be a major democratic test for a country marred by a history of violence associated with elections. A tense election period has been forecast, due in large to the contentious candidates that are expected to take part.

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Safeture partners with BCD Travel’s SolutionSource

Safeture announced today that the leading travel management company BCD Travel has added the software firm to its SolutionSource marketplace to make safety a top priority to travelers all over the world.

BCD’s SolutionSource marketplace includes authorized technology providers, allowing clients to discover and integrate innovative technologies into their travel program.

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Safeture Partners with Corporate Travel Data Leader Traxo

Safeture customers now can leverage Traxo travel data intelligence to quickly locate more traveling employees.
DALLAS/ LUND, SWEDEN January 14, 2021 – The Lund, Sweden-based employee safety company Safeture, and Dallas-based Traxo, Inc., the global leader in real-time corporate travel data capture and intelligence, announced today they have partnered to help Safeture customers enhance the duty-of-care coverage of their business travelers. 

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A significant breakthrough for Safeture in the Netherlands

Safeture AB in Lund has signed a 3-year agreement via partner with one of the largest financial institutions in the Netherlands. The agreement gives end-users access to Safeture’s unique platform for managing employee safety.

The agreement is worth 220,000 Euros.

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Safeture and UK partner SPS sign deal to support insurance market


Safeture AB (publ) today announced it signed a deal with global risk management consultancy Special Projects and Services Limited (SPS) to support the insurance market.

The minimum initial contract value for Safeture is 162 000 EUR over the next five years.

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The Covid-19 global pandemic affected all and everything, but it is time to look ahead. Let’s open up for business! provides people with free access to accurate and real-time information on virus restrictions so they can plan their next business or family trip. This is the first interactive mapping tool to help viewers see which Covid-19 restrictions apply to specific countries and is available to embed on other sites free of charge.

We now have a full global pandemic forcing the world into lockdown. But each country and even regions, have their own approach to lockdown restrictions, making it difficult to keep track of the range of rules. Slowly, the world is easing its restrictions, and Safeture’s free tool gathers all the available restrictions data from around the world and collects it all on one interactive map, which is the first of its kind in the world.

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