Safeture Implementation Plan

“Safeture work collaboratively with client’s integration partners to ensure that the solution is efficiently deployed”

Christian Truedsson. Teamleader Customer Developer Manager

It is important to us that you get started quickly so you can protect your employees. That’s why we help you, step by step, and make sure everything works as it should.

We are always available and make sure that your trip is smooth and that you are satisfied.

  • Safeture welcomes the customer to a meeting where the project group is established
  • Walkthrough of configuration and setup possibilities
  • Safeture provides material for data gathering depending on the Customer’s needs
    • To be filled in by the customer
  • General outline for the onboarding process and key milestones are established
  • On delivery from the client of all required data to Safeture the initial configuration of the Safeture platform will be completed.
  • A pilot group is established and will be working within the initial setup of the platform to provide information on customizations and the setup
  • 3rd party integration stakeholders are contacted to make sure integrations progress smoothly
  • Testing is started by the pilot group and guidance is provided by Safeture

“Through close collaboration with the customer, the Safeture team guides and tailor the solution based on the customer’s needs and specifications”

  • Customizations are prepared, tested, and implemented
  • 3rd Party integrations are prepared, tested, and implemented
  • The pilot group is extended to include more stake holders and employees

“The journey towards complete employee safety can start”

  • Training sessions for administrators is conducted
  • Guidance for going live is provided to the customer
  • Complete walkthrough of all implementations and configurations is provided
  • Supporting material and information is provided
  • The onboarding is signed off and the Customer goes live with the Safeture platform

Account management is provided to assist clients during the contract in the utilization of the Safeture solutions, new features and enhancements and best practice. Account Managers will hold regular meetings with client stakeholders providing utilization data and adherence to any service level agreements.

  • Continuous meetings are scheduled based on the Customer’s desire
  • Quarterly status meetings are held with the Customer to ensure quality and satisfaction

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