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Streamline your risk- and crisis management with Safeture.

At Safeture, we focus on technology (our core business) and partner up with the best partners in the medical, security, and insurance industry as well as various integration partners to offer a complete solution. Learn more about our partnerships below! 

Security Partners

Medical Partners

Our security partners offer strategic and operational support solutions for Security Risk Management with the capacity to handle worldwide crisis response.

Examples of services provided are: threat assessments, surveillance and evacuation support, and combining physical security with proactive intelligence strategies. 

The partnerships vary depending on the contract between the client and the security partner. Some security assistance providers administrate everything within the client’s Safeture account, working as an external Security Operations Center, and some clients work together with a security provider. 

Safeture easily customizes the emergency button on the Safeture Mobile Application so that the end-user can call that provider directly or press the SOS button to notify both the administrators of the Safeture Platform and the assistance provider at once. 

Safeture’s medical assistance providers help organizations mitigate the medical risks faced by their global workforce through a comprehensive network of specialists worldwide.

Their emergency response centers are staffed with skilled doctors, nurses, and security specialists who are available 24/7.

Safeture’s medical assistance partners offer services such as medical advisory before traveling, medical assistance, incident management, medical evacuation, remote telecommunication health services, delivery of health services via remote telecommunications, and more. 

If an user experiences a medical emergency, they can alarm the medical provider through the Safeture Mobile Application and their current location will be sent to the medical provider for immediate assistance. 

Case study

Safeture and Falck Global Assistance

Safeture and Falck Global Assistance joined forces to work together on a customer proposal when a potential client expressed their needs for both services. This became the starting point for a long-lasting partnership.
Case study

Safeture and SPS Global

Safeture clients are now able to enjoy the benefits of a complete managed service.

Our strategic partnership with SPS provides Safeture Platform clients with the option of including platform management, proactive monitoring, incident management, global security and medical evacuation and response, plus a virtual crisis room.

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