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Watch the video below to see how Safeture solves your problem of ensuring the safety of your mobile workforce.

The Safeture platform consists of eight modules with various connected features and functions. Below, you get a quick introduction to each module – make sure to watch the short videos.

Security Overview
Security Overview

A single access point for informing, communicating and locating all employees in case of a severe event.


Keeps you informed and updated of incidents nearby any company facility.


A reliable way to communicate in critical situations

analytics module

Turns your data into insights


The best way to prepare for business travel and everyday work

travel module

Consolidates all travel bookings and updates you on incidents taking place near your destination.

business travel
risk intelligence
Risk Intelligence

Extensive database of information to help you prevent risk

medical information

Facilitates your search for medical information or a medical provider when needed, wherever you are.

Admin view

Admin View

As an administrator, the Admin Portal will be your number 1 safety management tool. The portal is completely cloud-based and easily accessible either from your phone or computer. 

Safeture Admin Portal Frame


The Dashboard gives you a real-time overview and simple access to precise security data for your organization and lets you answer the following questions: Who is currently traveling and where are they? ; Do I have any unsolved emergencies?; Do I have travelers in high risk areas or in areas where a severe incident has recently occurred?; What incidents/alerts have been published within the past 24 hours?; Has there been an incident near any of my facilities?; Does any of my employees have a High Risk Travel Booking?

Safeture Admin Portal Frame

Security Overview

In the Security Overview, you get a graphical overview of all your employees and facilities. See who is located near an incident and communicate to the ones affected to make sure they are ok. You can also easily geo-fence communication (select a group of employees within a geographical area of your choice). 

Safeture Admin Portal Frame


Communicate with an individual or a group of employees based on their place of work, position, or current status via chat, SMS or Email. Confirmation of received and read status. Built-in resilience in areas of poor mobile coverage. Safeture’s advanced messaging module will try to find another route or phone operator to deliver the message through. 

Safeture Admin Portal Frame


Link your employees to your organization’s offices, factories, warehouses or other facilities and get a geographical overview of all company assets.Even without the Safeture application, the employees that are connected to a facility can be contacted if there has been an incident nearby. The Facilities Module automates alerts based on the facility location instead of an employee’s individual location.

Safeture Admin Portal Frame

Analytics and reporting

Easy access to KPI's regarding Emergencies, Travels, Risks, Alerts and Usage. All data exportable in PDF or csv/xls format.

Safeture Admin Portal Frame


The Preparation Process:

Each module starts with a short video followed by content designed to improve your knowledge and awareness. At the end of each module there is a short test with special merit badges awarded for each successfully completed topic. You will receive the content for each topic as a reference for future trips.

Safeture Admin Portal Frame


In the Admin Portal, under the Regions tab you find country-specific risk information connected to the following categories: Alerts, Safety, Travel, Culture, Medical and Covid-19.

Every country also has an overall risk level assigned to them. 

Safeture Admin Portal Frame

Travel Booking

Travel Booking module to easy access travel data. The Safeture platform integrates with all TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and GDS (Global Distribution Systems), which can automate the ingestion of all travel booking data. Where bookings are made outside of default TMCs travel booking confirmation can be e-mailed to a defined e-mail address or added manually.

Safeture Admin Portal Frame

Custom Alerts

As an admin you can easily customize alerts as well as integrate alerts from a third-party content provider

Safeture Admin Portal Frame

User Management

Enables admins to add/amend/delete users or assign users to groups. Because of the flexibility in the platform It’s also possible to integrate with any external database that can provide API or other sort of connectivity options.

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Employee View

As an employee, the interaction with the Safeture Platform is though the Safeture mobile application. You get notified of incidents happening nearby and can quickly communicate with your manager or assistance provider in case of an emergency, send your location and get information on your travel bookings.

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emergency alert app

Landing Page

Location-based alert notifications

On the landing page of the application you find a summary of the latest alerts relevant to you, based on your location. You also have the option to subscribe to alerts from other countries of interest than where you are currently positioned. Click on analert to read more and click the I'm OK button to notify your manager if you have been near a medium or high-risk alert.

Privacy Filtering

We highly value end-user privacy and therefore give the option to set your own privacy level in the Safeture mobile application. Choose between exact, city level or region/state. However, if an incident occurs and the end-user press the emergency button, the privacy levels are override so that you can instantly locate your employee with their exact GPS-coordinates.

Check-in button

The Check-in button in the app sends an up-to-date location to the system with respect to your privacy settings. If scheduled check-in is added as an additional service, you get notified when your manager wants to know where you are currently located to make sure you are okay.
emergency alert app


Our team of analysts assesses all important events around the clock and compiles reliable information about what has happened. If something unforeseen happens, you get important information delivered quickly. Free from speculation and sensational rumors. Contextual and relevant alerts Choose more destinations to follow Easy access to the global alerts list
Immediate and serious threats to your safety and/or health.
Incidents or threats that may occur in the coming days or recently have occurred.

Information that may be good to know, such as public transport disturbances, minor demonstrations or updates of previous security warnings

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Emergency Tab

In case of an emergency, click the emergency button. Inside the Emergency tab, you can choose to press the SOS-button and thereby notify all Safeture Admins (your manager), call your assistance provider or call any local ermergency number. 

emergency alert app

Travel Booking

In the Safeture application you find information on all your upcoming travels including an overview, detailed travel itinerary including push notifications for flight disruptions or gate changes and pre-travel advisories

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Country Information

When clicking the globe in the bottom menu, you find all country-specific information on the country you are located in or a manually chosen location. 


In the same section of the application, under the safety tab you find the risk level for the country you are located in (or chosen). Get detailed risk information connected to ten different risk categories.
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Medical Information

In the same section of the application, under the medical tab and providers tab you find all country-specific medical information and can easily locate the nearest medical provider if needed. A Covid-19 tab has also been added for you to quickly get information on all of the restrictions and quarantine measures for that country. 


Or watch the demo video of the Safeture Platform below!