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The Safeture platform consists of eight modules with various connected features and functions. Below you get a quick introduction to each module – make sure to watch the short videos!

Security Overview
Security Overview

A single access point for informing, communicating and locating all employees in case of a severe event.

Who do I have traveling in a high-risk area? 

With the risk-level map you get to see all the areas of the world rated by Safeture on perceived risk.

When clicking on a specific country you can see what areas within that country that you should avoid either all travel or  essential travel to. 

With the Covid-19 map you can quickly get an overview of the spread of the virus and see if your employees as located in a high risk country. 

Who do you have traveling near a high-risk alert? 

The Safeture Alerts plots Safeture’s last 300 incident reports across the world based on geo-location. These alerts are all clickable.

Tick the facility box or personnel box to plot all your company’s facilities and employees. This function enable you to see if any of your company assets are affected by an incident. 

With the Polygon Tool, you can mark a specific geographical area and see what employees and facilities are within that area. You can then easily start a chat to communicate with the affected ones. 


Keeps you informed and updated of incidents nearby any company facility.

The tag system in the Facility Module lets you distinguish facilities that have some kind of common denominator from the rest. For example, you might want to give factories, warehouses, or another facility type individual tags.

Segment your contacts by distinguishing managers from your other employees. Just tick the management box in the Admin Portal for the contacts with such a role to achieve more flexibility with who you want to target with your communication.  

Any user connected to a Facility is called a Contact. Contacts can be connected to one or more facilities and are displayed under the “Contacts” tab for each facility. 

Linking contacts to facilities gives you a great overview of your workforce. 

Based on the Management tags you can easily target the right audience with your communication. You can choose to only communicate with your employees; employees and managers; only managers; people at one specific facility; or all your facilities at once.  


A reliable way to communicate in critical situations.

Choose to communicate via SMS, Chat or E-mail.  This provides great flexibility and enables communication regardless of your internet connection. 

What does that mean in practice?

So, if a message fails to deliver, it will automatically try different to send it via another route or with another phone operator, resulting in much greater odds of delivery.

In case of an emergency, with one push on the emergency button, you can communicate for assistance.

End-users can easily send their location by pressing their Check-in button in the app which sends an up-to-date location to the system with respect to thier privacy settings. 

For Medium and High-Risk alerts, the employee can quickly communicate back if they are ok or not. 

Also, a chat between admins and employees can easily be initiated. 

As an admin you can easily produce tailor-made notifications to your employees based on location.

Includes: Title, Category, Severity degree, Customized Text and Advice on how to act. 

You can also integrate to a third-party content provider and incorporate their alerts.

risk intelligence
Risk Intelligence

Extensive database of information to help you prevent risk.

In the Safeture Application, you can find the different risk levels for each country based on their performance in 10 risk assessment categories.

Risk Assessment Categories:

  • Business Risk
  • Civil Unrest
  • Crime
  • Environment and Health
  • IGCW – Insurgency and Civil War
  • Infrastructure
  • International Relations
  • KREP
  • Political Risk
  • Terrorism

Safeture’s Analytical Team observes the world in real-time, 24/7 to send you fact-based, non-biased, automated alerts. 

  • Immediate notification of critical incidents.
  • Get alerts relevant to your location. 
  • Includes alerts with a variating severity degree including both low, medium and high risk alerts.
  • The alerts are connected to one of the 10 different Risk Assessment Categories. 
  • Custom your alerts by producing your own or modifying Safeture’s alerts. 

In both the Admin Portal and Safeture Application you can easily access our large database of country specific information. 

Information Categories:

  • General information
  • Political information
  • Medical Information
  • Cultural information
  • Travel related information
  • Covid-19
  • Local News

travel module

Coordinates all travel bookings and updates you on incidents taking place near your destination.

The Travel Booking Feature in the Admin Portal includes a list of all all your booked flights and hotels. It also distinguishes high-risk flights from others. At the top you find the amount of employees that are traveling today and how many flights and hotels you have planned today.

Safeture enable full integration through various GDS:s (Global Distribution Systems) –  Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport/Galileo and TMC:s (Travel Management Companies). 

The Safeture Travel Approval allows organizations to automate travel approval processes based on covid-19 data, internal policies and/or country travel policies. 

With the Travel Statistics you can see a summary of the amount of flights per month and weekday, top routes, etc. 

This data gives you as a travel manager a good overview of your organization’s travel habits. 


The best way to prepare for business travel and everyday work.

While travelling can be a highly enjoyable and stimulating experience, it does present challenges and possible problems. When travelling, your usual support structure to handle unexpected issues is not available in the same way, such as friends, your relatives or a family doctor. This E-learning module lets you consider how this might affect you and how to prepare before you travel.

In this section, we will provide useful information and tips to consider during the preparation stages before your trip. Identifying practical problems that you may encounter while abroad and preparing for those eventualities will minimize the risk of mistakes and limit the impact of problems that may affect your journey.

Getting around an unfamiliar city can be challenging. Regardless of whether you use private or public transport, there will always be risks that could jeopardize the entire journey. Having local knowledge will certainly help, but if this is your first visit and you don’t know what to look out for, then it can be difficult.

On any trip abroad, even to countries thought to be safe, it is important to consider the cultural and social differences. Any upsets or adverse situations might be more difficult to handle away from home, especially if the language is unfamiliar. A business trip can be compromised due to the lack of awareness around local customs and cultures. You may encounter difficulties even with the smallest tasks, such as getting directions, reading street signs, or ordering food when you don’t speak the local language. Some habits and customs that are common in your home country might be disrespectful or even criminal in some places. Even in the safest places in the world, tourist spots are often prone to criminal activities, such as pick-pocketing.

Cybercrime, also known as computer-oriented crime, comprises any criminal act involving computers and networks, as well as traditional crimes conducted through the internet. The prevalence and cost of cybercrime, including identity theft, hacking of bank accounts and loss of intellectual property has ramped up significantly over the last decade.

As a traveller, you may be exposed to a variety of health risks in unfamiliar environments. Most risks can be minimised by taking precautions before, during and after your travel. There is an increased risk amongst frequent travellers who are living an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. poor diet, lack of exercise, excess drinking), while at the same time suffer from the effects caused by jet lag (stress, mood swings, disorientation, sleep problems, and gastrointestinal problems). This combination impairs physical and mental performance. Some of the symptoms show up when crossing just one time zone. Research indicates that it takes up to one day for each time zone crossed to recover.

analytics module

Turns your data into insights.

The number of Bookings,  Number of Segments, Co2 Tonnes used (estimated value), Distance traveled, etc.

Displays all emergency button clicks from the app over time and in which countries. Among included KPIs are: Total emergencies, Average Minutes to Resolve, Average time from emergency button clicked by the end-user to it being resolved, Max Minutes to Resolve: The longest resolve time for any of the selected emergencies.


Displays data on all communication that has been sent from the platform.

Information on the number of travel bookings per month, with information on high/low risk destinations.

Analyzes the alerts that has been published for your organization.

Shows the user's different actions in the platform.

medical information
Medical Information

Facilitates your search for medical information or a medical provider when needed, wherever you are.

When you are visiting a new country or place it can be difficult to find locate all medical providers near your location. 

Under the providers tab in the Safeture Application you find all Hospitals / Doctor Clinics spotted on the map. If you click on one you access their phone number, the direction to go there, link to their website and also with a label if they are preferred by your medical assistance company. 

List of medications in the Safeture app, which helps your employees to quickly access a short description, what subclass it belongs to, potential side effects and the medication’s different names in various languages. 

  • Side Effects
  • Significant Drug Interaction
  • Pregnancy Category
  • Brand Names

Each country of the world has its medical information that you easily find in the Safeture app. Reading this information is a great way to prepare for an upcoming business trip. Medical facilities Contains information on the quality of the medical care in a specific country, who is in need of medical insurance, etc. Health concerns Contains information on what vaccinations are needed to travel to that specific country, what diseases are of high risk, the quality of the tap water, etc.

In the Safeture Application, the end-user can easily find a list of different medical conditions, including: 

  • Short description
  • Symptoms
  • Preventive actions

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