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In our monthly previews, Safeture’s team of analysts in Brazil, Malaysia and Sweden give you an outlook for some of the events that are set to take place in the upcoming month. They connect the dots and reflect upon the future so you can be one step ahead!

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May preview

What is ahead for Eastern Europe?
Increasing armed activities have been reported in the Donbas region since early April. After a steep decrease in numbers for the first half of 2020, casualties, battles, and remote explosions have been trending up once again since August. The situation has particularly deteriorated in 2021. While 30 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the whole of 2020, 11 were killed in action in February 2021 alone.

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April preview

In the Preview of April, Safeture’s Analytical Team write about the Yemen humanitarian crisis | Fragile security situation in northeast DR Congo | Clashes in Fashaga Triangle escalate ongoing Ethiopia-Sudan tension | Locust outbreak threatens food security in Kenya | Crack within ruling party leads to Nepal’s political turmoil | Widespread discontent triggers regular protests in Haiti | Disease Watch: Ebola | Polio | COVID-19

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March preview

Myanmar struggles to leave ghosts of coups amid military takeover. Border hostilities threaten regional stability in East and Horn of Africa. Signs of escalation in Afghan conflict as the government prepares for Taliban’s spring offensive. China puts annual parliamentary sessions back on track as pandemic subsides.

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February preview

Preview of February: Covid-19 to put a damper on Lunar New Year celebrations in Asia as cases surge Central African Republic’s violence highlights fragile government authority Flooding in parts of Malaysia raises concerns of Leptospirosis Kabul sees uptick of violence despite peace talks Continuous risk of kidnap for ransom in Nigeria Political and civil unrest rock the US

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2021 preview

The team at Safeture presents a special preview edition to give an idea on what to expect for all main continents of the world in 2021. From a new president in the Oval Office to the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan as well as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our team of analysts in Brazil, Malaysia and Sweden will not only seek to connect the dots, but also take a step back to reflect on some of the biggest events of 2020.

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December preview

December Preview: Fresh Covid-19 waves trigger lockdowns and protests across the globe.
Ethiopia-Tigray conflict continues to instigate regional tension amid mutual aggression.
European countries on alert following deadly terror attacks in France and Austria. Air pollution grips northern India as winter begins.
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November preview

November Preview: After almost four rather tumultuous years under the presidency of US President Donald J. Trump, voters will once again head to voting centers on 3 November to cast ballots for the next leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

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October preview

October preview: Ivorians are set to head to the polls on 31 October, in what will be a major democratic test for a country marred by a history of violence associated with elections. A tense election period has been forecast, due in large to the contentious candidates that are expected to take part.

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September Preview

September Preview: According to the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine, the number of Covid-19 fatalities reported in Latin America has exceeded 250,000 as of 20 August.

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August Preview

August Preview: Since early May, a number of countries particularly in Asia and Europe have started to ease lockdowns that were imposed to stem the outbreak of Covid-19

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Preview July

July Preview: As parts of Asia, Europe and Oceania begin to ease Covid-19 restrictions after a gradual decrease in cases and deaths, most countries in the Americas continue to experience quite the opposite since May as well as June.

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June Preview

While some countries around the world have started to ease Covid-19 lockdown, there are still many that continue with such measure as the outbreak situation remains serious with high infection rate.

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Preview May

As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe since early March, lockdown measures were also taken by many governments to stem the spread of the virus. Now that some countries are preparing to lift or at least ease some of the restrictions previously imposed, it is fair to assume that life is unlikely to be the same compared to how it was prior to the outbreak.

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April Preview

As the Covid-19 pandemic continued to escalate throughout much of March, governments across the globe have also accelerated their efforts in hope that its spread will be stemmed in the coming months. While the pandemic was largely confined to China and several of its neighbours during the initial stages, the virus has found its way into Europe as well as the Americas and the rest of the world, threatening to cripple the healthcare system in some countries.

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March Preview

Chinese leadership faces coronavirus response test as annual political meet set to be postponed
The month of March is usually a busy period in Beijing due to the annual sessions of China’s parliament and its advisory body, also known as “Lianghui”. It is the time of the year where the government lists down its achievements in the past while setting out the country’s future direction. This year however, attention has been on Wuhan, the epicenter of a deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak that has spread across the country and the world, killing hundreds in the process.

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February Preview

Over the past years, the LNA has increasingly expanded its control of territories in Libya through various military operations, heavily relying on external military capabilities. In late December 2019, Haftar forces launched a second offensive towards Tripoli, which triggered the deployment of Turkish troops in support of the United Nations-recognized GNA. In an attempt to create a favourable environment for the Berlin Conference of 18 January, a ceasefire agreement was negotiated on 12 January 2020, only to be rejected by the Haftar forces

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2020 Preview

With the year 2019 coming to a close, the team at Safeture will present some of the major trends and events in this special Preview of 2020 edition. Our team of analysts from Brazil, Malaysia and Sweden seek to give an idea of how 2020 will be like when it comes to security risks associated with traveling. It is important to note that the preview is not a crystal ball and it does not intend to predict what exactly will happen in the year ahead but instead, it will give an informative outlook for travelers based on existing trends.

Covering all six main continents across the globe, we hope that this special edition will have something for everyone ahead of what could be an exciting year. Last but not least, we will also have a section to look back on how 2019 has been for all of us and perhaps reflect on some of the major events that have changed the world fundamentally.

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