New Messaging Module

Introducing a completely new Messaging Module that takes your mass communication to the next level with Advanced Filtering of recipients.

Product Update October 2021

Product Updates October 2021

Continued improved usability of Safeture's Admin Portal. Introducing User Tags, Notification of changed risk level and Foldable menu.

Enhanced Risk Map

Enhanced Risk Map

Explore the improved usability of Safeture's Enhanced Risk Map. Cluster alerts and filter your personnel, incidents or risk information.

Enhanced Privacy Filtering

Release April 22: Balance the needs for accurate positioning, relevant alerts, and end-user privacy. This setting also enables the user to receive relevant alerts based on their current location, resolving the issue of irrelevant alerts and information.

Scheduled Check-ins

Mitigate risks and maintain peace of mind with a single add-on.

Are your employees working in insecure or high-risk areas? With the Safeture scheduled check-in you have complete
control of when your employees have to check-in from their Safeture mobile app.

Get notified immediately when a scheduled check-in is missed and take actions straight from your Safeture dashboard.