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The Device section displays information on the different mobile operating systems used by the end-user. Both major and minor versions of Android and iOS are represented, as well as a country overview for each version.

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analytics devices

Device Installations

The Device Installations tab displays the number of active app installations and metadata.

  1. Current users: Reflects the current number of active apps. Note that some users might have more than one app/device, meaning the user will be represented twice in the data.
  2. Users with Country Tracking: Reflects how many apps, out of the currently active apps, have disabled exact location in favor of country-level positioning.
  3. Users with Exact Tracking: Reflects how many apps, out of the currently active apps, have enabled exact location.
  4. % of Users with Exact Tracking: Reflects a quota of the two above sections.

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analytics device installations

Users Video

Users Overview

In the Users module, you can manage all user roles, groups, permissions, and hierarchies. The Users module enables Administrators (internal ones or through a service provider) to add, amend, or delete users outside of any integration with your HR systems. Below you’ll find explanations of the different user types in the Safeture Platform.

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The Users section includes a list of all end-users, i.e., the type of users who interact with the Safeture Platform through the Safeture Mobile Application. You can either invite end-users individually or import multiple ones at the same time via a spreadsheet.

The User section enables you to organize and group end-users based on which department they belong to or another relevant grouping parameter. You can also assign user tags based on common denominators such as country, role, etc., to improve segmentation and targeting. You are also given the option to connect an end-user to a specific facility.

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Add user


In the Safeture Platform, there are two different types of Administrators:

Super Administrator: The Super Administrator has a complete overview and unlimited access to all users connected to your subscription/account. Depending on the size and organizational structure of your company, the person who is assigned this role might vary. For a larger company, the Super Administrator might be the Security Manager. While for a smaller company, it might be the CEO or HR Manager. If you have outsourced such a function to a security or medical provider, they might be the ones assigned this role.

Group Admin: The Group Administrator is below the Super Administrator. They are the ones that manage and control specific groups within the Safeture Platform, such as for a department, country, or other factors that distinguishes groups from others. The Group Admins have limited access in the sense that they can only view the users connected to the group they are Administrators over. They cannot view other Administrators either, and their access to certain modules within the platform can also be limited.

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The Groups section presents an overview of all your groups and their members. Here, you can categorize users and give Group Administrators access and control.

You can set up a group as a “default group” that’s automatically assigned to all new app users that have not been assigned a group. You can then change the group a user belongs to in the User section.

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groups list


The Users module is where you can follow your users’ e-learning progress. You can also view users who have completed the required courses and those that have not and send invites to the desired group of recipients.

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e-learning users


A user who is connected to a facility is called a contact. A contact can be connected to one or more facilities and is not required to have the Safeture Mobile Application. Instead, their location is static because their documented location will be equal to the facility location that they are connected to.

Add Contact

Add Contact 2


A Traveler is a user that has been assigned the role of a traveler, meaning that he or she can be connected to a Passenger Name Record (PNR).

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Country Information Video

Country Information Overview

In both the Web Portal and Safeture Mobile Application you can easily access our large database of country-specific information. For the Web Portal, this information is found in the Country Information Module that contains information about 230 countries in total. For each country, you find risk assessments, information on security issues, passport and visa requirements, medical information, and many other topics.

Country information is constantly updated and reviewed. Important information, such as the safety section, is updated within days of a significant change. Less critical information, such as “Cultural Do’s and Don’ts” and “Geography“, is generally reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis.

On receipt of a travel booking, the employee will automatically receive a link via email and app notification with the travel booking details as well as country information for the specific destination. In addition, on arrival in the destination country the employee will receive a welcome to country message with a link to the country information.

All information is sectioned under the following categories:


Here, you find general practical information about a country relevant to you before traveling there. For example, what currency is used, the international dialing code, if there is a need for you to bring a voltage transformer or not, information on seasonal variations in weather, etcetera.

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overview tab


The Alerts section presents a summary of all alerts published within the selected country. You can click on any alert of your interest to access additional information about the incident that has occurred, its assigned risk level, advice on how to act, etc.

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In the section called Risk, you find the Overall Risk Level for the selected country assigned by Safeture’s Analytical Team. This Overall Risk Level is weighted based on the different risk levels for each of the ten risk categories. You also get detailed risk information connected to each of the ten different risk categories.

Read more about our Risk Assessment Methodology.

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country risk


Contains information on international and domestic travel conditions for the country, including passport and visa rules.

Image Travel Tab


Contains various cultural information like information sources, dos and don’ts, female traveler advice, etcetera.

Image Culture Tab


Contains information on medical facilities and general health concerns.

Image Medical Tab


Contains information on restrictions regarding Covid-19.

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Medical Video

Medical Overview

The Medical module provides you with in-depth information on conditions/diseases and medications as a tool to prepare for your upcoming trip.

  • To obtain valid medical information, Safeture uses sources such as: 
  • International medical institutes and organizations 
  • Region-specific and local organizations 
  • There are clear references to specific sources, such as the WHO or CDC, in some medical sections. 


Here you find information about different medical conditions, including descriptions, symptoms, and preventative measures.

Image Condition/Disease


In the Medications section, you have access to a database of various medications presented in multiple languages. The information includes medical brand names, side effects, risks of interactions with other drugs, etc.

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medications database

E-learning Video

E-learning Overview

Safeture’s E-learning module offers a streamlined process for educating your employees on risks, preparation, prevention, and advice on what to do if something happens. The E-learning module contains 12 different courses, including topics such as Cyber Safety, Travel Risk Awareness, Terrorism and Casualty Attack, LGBTQ Travelers, and much more.

Each course contains written educational material and videos that end with a quiz to verify understanding. The results and progress of each employee are monitored by the Administrator through the Users module in the Web Portal.

Below, you’ll find information on all courses offered in the E-learning module.

Note: Additional courses can be included if there is a specific request to do so. Any additional courses would, however, not be part of the licensed E-learning courses from Safeture. 

Image E-learning Overview

Travel Risk Awareness

When traveling, one’s usual support structure to handle unexpected issues might not be available to the same extent. The Travel Risk Awareness course teaches how to consider the effect traveling might have and how to prepare before a trip to better mitigate risk.

Image Travel Risk

travel risk icon

Prepare for the Destination

This course provides useful information and tips to consider during the preparation stages before a trip. It helps identify practical problems that travelers may encounter while abroad, such as visa and vaccination requirements, and prepare for those possibilities.

Image Prepare for the Destination

prepare for the destination

Transport Safety

Getting around an unfamiliar city can be challenging. Regardless of whether using private or public transport, there will always be risks that could jeopardize a journey. This course highlights certain tips and tools that help navigate transportation when traveling.