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In-depth information on the Safeture Web Portal

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Content Overview

The Content module contains three types of content you can edit: Country Information, Risk Levels, and Alerts.

Country Editor

The Country Editor gives you the option to customize the Country Information within your account. Options for hiding and adding to the default content is also possible here. The information is categorized under the following headings: Overview, Travel, Culture, Medical and Covid-19. The changes done will be reflected both in the Safeture Mobile Application and Web Portal.

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Risk Levels

The Risk Levels sub-menu contains a list of the overall risk levels for all countries. By clicking edit you are presented an editor where it is possible to set a new Overall Risk Level, which will override the default risk levels set by Safeture’s team of analysts. Such a change will impact the overall risk level shown under the safety tab for that country in the Safeture Mobile Application, The pre-trip emails, Travelers in risk zones widget on the Dashboard, and under Country Information in the Web Portal. If you click on that country on the Risk Map in the Security Overview you will also get updated information on the overall risk level.

For Administrators with access to multiple customer accounts, special permission can be given to edit all risk levels for all customers at once.

Image Risk Levels Editor

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Custom Alerts

You are not limited to only using Safeture’s own alerts. If you as an Administrator may wish to publish additional alerts yourself, the Custom Alerts feature enables you to do so. The information you need to create a new alert is a title, risk category, severity degree (low, medium or high risk), text about the event, advice on how to act, one or more locations, and selected affected countries.

Image Custom Alerts

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