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The Facilities module lets you add the locations of your office, factory, warehouse, store, or other points of interest to the system, along with a list of all facility contacts working at that specific facility. Facility tags let you organize and sort all facilities in a particular country by type or any other distinguishing feature.

Facilities are configured with an incident detection radius. If an incident intersects with an incident detection radius, the system alerts Administrators. They can then notify all facility contacts of the incident at the same time and confirm their status. 

Any user connected to a facility is called a facility contact and can be related to one or more facilities. They are all displayed under the Contacts tab for each facility. A facility contact does not need access to the Safeture Mobile Application. Instead, they can be contacted through SMS or email in case of an incident. You can also distinguish managers from your other facility contacts by ticking the Management box for the users with such a role.

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