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At Safeture, we continuously strive to improve and perfect our SaaS platform and our ever-growing feature-list. Here you find both the Product Presentations, Technical Information and videos about the latest updates. You can also visit for more information. 

Jonas Brorson

Enhanced Privacy Filtering

Release April 22: Balance the needs for accurate positioning, relevant alerts, and end-user privacy. This setting also enables the user to receive relevant alerts based on their current location, resolving the issue of irrelevant alerts and information.

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Frida Andersson

Scheduled Check-ins

Mitigate risks and maintain peace of mind with a single add-on.

Are your employees working in insecure or high-risk areas? With the Safeture scheduled check-in you have complete
control of when your employees have to check-in from their Safeture mobile app.

Get notified immediately when a scheduled check-in is missed and take actions straight from your Safeture dashboard.

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Enhanced Privacy Filtering
& Home Regions are now LIVE!