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Meet Filip, one of our Regional Sales managers

What do you do at Safeture?

I’m a part of the commercial team working as a Regional Sales Managers on the Nordic market. This means I work close together with our partners, focusing on assisting them getting as many high-value, in-market clients in their door as possible to use our platform combined with the partners assistance services.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to your work?

I’m very passionate about having fun at work. Having fun at work for me is to learn new things, interact with my colleagues, meeting new people and finally making our partners succeed. If our partners succeeds, we at Safeture will succeed and we will crush the numbers. The last one about crushing numbers I’m particularly highly passionated about, working as a salesman

Lesson learned during you career?

A bit cliché but I would say trust the process. It’s so easy to obsess over results of something. When you trust the process at the right time you’ll get where you intended to go without rushing or pressuring yourself. Also, maintain a healthy work-life balance and be productive outside of work.

Favorite things to do when not working?

When not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, either close to my hometown Helsingborg or somewhere in the world out travelling. Without mentioning how many times a week, I enjoy training in the gym and have in the recent years also found the passion for running.

Something now many know about you?

Two things. I’ll turn 30 in September this year and if everything turns out right, we’ll have our second son joining the family in the beginning of July.

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