Product/Risk Intelligence

Proactive risk management

Relevant, timely information presented to you to help you identify threats and prevent harm.

Risk intelligence emerges from a systematic process where raw data is collected, analyzed, assessed, and transformed into reliable insights.

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Stay informed of critical incidents nearby

Safeture’s analytical team monitors all areas of the world in real-time, 24/7 to send you immediate, non-biased, automated alerts of critical incidents straight to your Safeture Mobile Application. These alerts are filtered based on your location and are assigned a risk level and  risk category (or multiple risk categories). 

Country Risk Assessment

Understand country risks to build resilience

Safeture provides you with detailed insights into situations based on a risk assessment methodology consisting of ten different risk categories and five risk levels. We will inform you of any changes to the overall risk level for a country to help you stay proactive.  

Country Information

Get to know the country

Get a better understanding of the country you are traveling to with Safeture’s extensive database of country information. The information provided includes an overview of the country as well as information about its culture, travel, Covid-19 updates, medical providers nearby, news, and safety. 

country info
Medical Information

Facilitates your search for medical information

Quickly look up a medical condition in the platform and see a list of symptoms, recommended acts of prevention and a general description of the condition. The list of medications will include its name in various languages and potential side effects.


Medical Information