risk intelligence

Risk Intelligence

Extensive database of information to help you prevent risk

risk intelligence module

Safeture’s Risk Intelligence Module helps you:

  1. Be notified of critical incidents near your employees or facilities with Safeture Alerts. 
  2. Get a better understanding of the country you are traveling to by accessing information from our Country Database.
  3. Compare countrys' different risk levels, including 10 different risk assessment categories. 

Risk Assessment

In the Safeture Application, you can find the different risk levels for each country based on their performance in 10 risk assessment categories. 

Risk Assessment Categories:

  • Business Risk
  • Civil Unrest
  • Crime
  • Environment and Health
  • IGCW - Insurgency and Civil War
  • Infrastructure
  • International Relations
  • KREP 
  • Political Risk
  • Terrorism

Risk Assessment Levels:

Real-time alerts

Safeture's Analytical Team observes the world in real-time, 24/7 to send you fact-based, non-biased, automated alerts. 

  • Immediate notification of critical incidents.
  • Get alerts relevant to your location. In the Privacy Filters you can set your location to either:
    • Exact Location
    • Region/ State Level
    • City Level
    • Country Level
  • Includes alerts with a variating severity degree including both low, medium and high risk alerts.
  • The alerts are connected to one of the 10 different Risk Assessment Categories. 
  • Custom your alerts by producing your own or modifying Safeture's alerts. 

Severity Degrees of Alerts:

Country Cards

In both the Admin Portal and Safeture Application you can easily access our large database of country specific information. By default, it will directly show national information for the country of your current location but you can of course choose whatever country you like.

Information Categories:

  • General information
  • Political information
  • Medical Information
  • Cultural information
  • Travel related information
  • Covid-19
  • Local News

Country Card, example:

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