Listen to the discussion with three experts on Threats to humanity, the Evolution of hacking and Macro-trends

During this hour we covered everything from the history of hacking to discuss crises with a huge impact on humanity, not to mention macro-trends that transform our lives. 

Safeture Tech Talks

  • How will we handle threats to humanity?  Pandemics, climate change, energy crisis... how do we accelerate the process of discovery to address this class of systemic challenges? The convergence of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing is enabling us to consider a wider range of questions once thought out of reach. 

  • The Evolution of Hacking. A review of the methods and techniques we have seen from the early '80s until today. What does the evolution look like in the digital underworld and what are the common features. 

  • And last but not least: 3 Macro Trends that will change your workplace. 

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