Security Overview Module
Security Overview Module

Security Overview

A single access point for informing, communicating and locating all employees in case of a severe event.

Safeture’s Security Overview Module helps you:

  1. Handle all information by plotting alerts on the map and identify who is affected by an incident.
  2. Locate your employees or facilities and get a quick map overview.
  3. With the given information and location, you know who to target with the communication.
  4. Select people in a specific area that you mark with the Polygon tool and message everyone included.
  5. Get an understanding for the variating risk levels in the world with the Risk Level Map.

Risk Map

The risk-level map lets you answer the question: 

Who do I have traveling in a high-risk area? 

With the risk-level map you get to see all the areas of the world rated by Safeture on perceived risk.

The countries on the world map are given one of the five different risk-colors below. When clicking on a specific country you can see what areas within that country that you should avoid either all travel or  essential travel to. 

Covid-19 Map

With the Covid-19 map you can quickly get an overview of the spread of the virus and see if your employees as located in a high risk country. 

covid-19 map

Safeture Alerts

By plotting the Safeture Alerts on the map we help you answer the question:

Who do you have traveling near a high-risk alert? 

The Safeture Alerts plots Safeture’s last 300 incident reports across the world based on geo-location. These alerts are all clickable. 

Facilities & Personel

Tick the facility box or personnel box to plot all your company's facilities and employees. This function enable you to see if any of your company assets are affected by an incident. 

Polygon tool

With the Polygon Tool, you can mark a specific geographical area and see what employees and facilities are within that area. You can then easily start a chat to communicate with the affected ones. 

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