We are looking for a senior developer with at least 5 years of software development experience, 8 years’ experience with Swift, 12 years’ experience with AngularJS, 30 years’ experience with PHP, 35 years’ experience with Java, 40 years’ experience with Linux, 60 years’ experience with SQL. You shall not be older than 29 years and have a PhD from a well-known university

The required personal qualities are being politically correct, feminist, conservative, driven, perceptive, outgoing, reserved, independent, team player, productive, meticulous, fast, flexible, creative, persistent, be of an ethnic minority, white, male, but preferably female and love polka music.

Most importantly is that you never ever categorize people.

Joking aside. 🙂

Good developers are both skilled and humble.

  • They know that there is no perfect solution but many good ones
  • They know that it is difficult to anticipate all the consequences of a solution

Empathy is a valuable characteristic for members of a good development team

  • Software development is a creative profession where it is easy to make mistakes
  • The close interaction requires trust both technically as well as emotionally

Now and then it is also good to spice up life with a bit of humor to manage all the troubles in the world. 😛

Because we at Safeture, through our service, often understand better than most people all the bad things that are going on globally.

During the years we have handpicked all of our software developers to create a unique team. We enjoy being a group of humble, smart[1], skilled[2], and very experienced[3] developers that can interact with each other on the right level.

If this looks like a good match for you then we are looking for a señor software developer to our headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

For retro developers:


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[1] We are really humble 🙂

[2] Do not forget that we are humble 🙂

[3] I think we should also mention that we are humble 😀