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Comprehensive global risk management and assistance solutions.

The SPS Global Assistance Group comprises four divisions, which are strategically aligned to deliver a comprehensive global risk management and assistance solutions.

  • We have a dedicated 24/7 Global Assistance and Response Centre, with proprietary technological support systems and the capacity to handle worldwide crisis response and evacuation.
  • We provide medical support solutions to our clients through our dedicated 24/7 in-house Global Medical Assistance and Response Centre. Our essential specialisation is point of incident medical response.
  • We provide travel assistance memberships for security, medical and natural disaster emergencies.
  • Our Private Client Group is an exclusive and bespoke service designed to provide integrated travel risk, security, medical and crisis response support to high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and their families on land, at sea and in the air.

In our expert care you will live, work and travel confidently.

The latest cutting edge technology powers our Global Response Centre. This is a powerful approach to safety and security management, with a combination of A.I. led intelligence and a team of 24/7 analysts, all accessed via mobile application.

  • Situational Awareness– Real time intelligence and smart alerts for assets (such as facilities, travellers and employees). Alerts are correlated to asset locations, visible on an interactive dashboard and mobile application.
  • Travel Management– Integrated with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Travel Management Companies (TMC) to include not only flights, but also hotel and car hire bookings, which can be recorded and identified.
  • Mobile Application– Intelligence, travel bookings, country reports and travel information are delivered to the mobile app based on the user’s location. Additional features include e-learning, full privacy functions and gate changes.
  • Mass Communication– Allows for a streamlined process for communications, including email, text and in-app notifications.
  • Crisis Management– A virtual crisis room enables the user to notify and coordinate with the Crisis Management Team.
  • Incident Response– We are approved by Lloyd’s of London as a security and medical evacuation provider. We respond to travellers in distress, recording all actions taken within a proprietary case management system facilitated by our 24/7 Global Response Centre with an on-the-ground proven capability.
  • Medical Assistance– In-house capability to provide a healthcare advice line, travel consultation, medical incident response and insurance activation.
  • Intelligence Analysis– The Global Response Centre enhances the understanding of the intelligence picture through additional ground truth and local intelligence from a number of open and closed sources.
  • Optional Evacuation Protection– Our Travel Assistance Membership provides medical and security evacuation at no additional cost above the premium.

About SPS

The SPS Global Assistance Group has been established since 1991. Over a period of 30 years we have become one of the world’s leading risk management and assistance groups. Our Headquarters are in the United Kingdom, with 5 international subsidiaries providing support to organisations and people in over 130 countries around the world through integrated travel risk, security, medical and crisis support solutions. We are big enough to enjoy a global reach, but small enough to instantly adapt to any situation with agility and purpose.

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