Webinar: Tech Talks 2

How technology and IT Security has improved our lives

Securitas, Safeture and Kaspersky Lab

tech talks 2

Duration:  60 minutes

Language: English

Date: 17th of June, 2021

During this hour our speakers cover positive highlights on how technology has improved our lives for the better.

Learn more about: 

  • IT Security: 3 groundbreaking improvements with a great positive impact on human lives!
  • Human-empowering AI: Data-driven insights are great but how can we put them to use?
  • 5 Future positive Tech Trends to look out for!

Featured Speaker

Magnus Hultman


I am the CEO of Safeture and a sales and marketing lover with a long and successful track record of building fast-growing companies on the international stage. I am also the co-founder and previous CEO of Strossle International, a media-technology company founded in 2014. It goes without saying that I love technology, innovative ideas and music.

Fun fact: Has written a book called "Break your mouse addiction". As if that was not enough, he also collects matchboxes.

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David Jacoby

Senior Security Researcher for Kaspersky Lab, TV Hacker and Nerd

I am a security evangelist currently working as Senior Security Researcher for Kaspersky Lab. My responsibilities include vulnerability and threat research. I also perform a lot of product and security audits, penetration tests, security research and public speaking engagements around the world. My day to day job is to fight cybercrime and to increase awareness of the current and future threats and vulnerabilities to which both consumers and large enterprises are exposed to.

Fun fact: Still watches films on VHS cassettes and got his first job as a teenager when he found security holes with his internet provider

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Viking Johansson

Innovation Director
Securitas Intelligent Services

I am an Innovation Director at Securitas Intelligent Services. At Securitas, I am leading the innovation area focusing on exploration and incubation of new ideas transforming traditional security from static and reactive to anticipate and prevent. One such example is data-driven innovation using machine learning to predict and prevent incidents, contributing to a safer society. Before joining Securitas, I spent over 10 years with top tier consultancy firms driving digital transformation for multi-national companies through the utilization of cloud and AI technologies.

Fun fact: Apart from being a true viking, Viking masters the art of sewing!