Stay informed on your upcoming travels

The Travel Data Module helps you prepare for your travels by notifying you of incidents near your destination.

See more of what you can do with Safeture's Travel Data Module. 

Travel Bookings

All your travel data in one place

Stop juggling several systems to keep track of the latest updates on your travel bookings. Safeture gives you a single access point for all your updated travel information through integration with any Travel Management Company (TMC) or Global Distribution System (GDS). 

Travel Booking
Manual add of Passenger Name Records (PNR)

Manually import your travel data

Safeture offers great flexibility when adding travel data to the platform. Except for direct integrations to your travel management company and email parsing, you can manually add the travel booking to the system yourself with a few clicks. 

Manual add pnr
Email Parsing
Email parsing

All your travel data in one email account

Safeture also provides an option to integrate travel data by sending booking confirmations to a dedicated email address. These emails will automatically be parsed to retrieve both booking and traveler data, and the system will connect this data to existing end-users. This feature gives both end-users and Travel Management Companies the ability to integrate booking data to the Safeture Platform without any major integration work. Click here to read the manual and learn how to perform an email parsing.

Travel risk assessments

Know the risk situation at your destination

We inform you if you have any travel bookings to a high-risk country as well as if the risk level in the country you are heading to has increased. 

Travel Risk Assessment
Travel statistics

Understand your organization's habits

With travel statistics, you will have access to a summary of the number of flights per weekday and month, top routes, and more. This data gives you as a travel manager a good overview of your organization’s travel habits.

Travel Statistics