HR integration

HR Integration

Solved: Joiners, Leavers, Movers.

Organizations often experience issues with getting databases and systems to talk to each other automatically and to ensure that all systems are up to date with the correct information.

Safeture's HR integration solves the problem of keeping information up to date between HR databases and the employee safety platform.

hr integration
hr integration
The last year’s trends in integration are driven by the need to increase efficiency, improve information, and making sure you have up to date information in all system. Whatever system you are using, a unified approach and solid integration is key to quick decision-making. By integrating Safeture with HR systems you take away all of the manual labour regarding keeping information up to date between systems.

Integrate all systems

Integrating different HR systems with Safeture enables you to share data and make sure that you have the right information at the right time in all systems. This includes everything from name, phone numbers, manager, what office a specific person belongs to etc. Having the two integrated ensures that you can offer greater security for all employees with relevant information on who belongs to where and how to contact them.The benefits of integration extend beyond the practical impact on the administration. It improves the management of information flow within the organization, integration also enables the production of accurate management reports, while also ensuring you are utilizing the right recourses and as effectively as possible.

Reducing the workload

With integration in place, you drastically reduce your workload in keeping the data updated between systems. If HR, for example, ads new people to the company a connects them to a specific facility, this will automatically get updated in Safeture, and the same goes for people moving or leaving the company. All happening automatically and instantly with the good build integration. With the integration in place, you eliminate the possibility of duplicate, or even worse, false data entry – changes made within the HR system is automatically updated within the Safeture platform – even Joiners, Leavers and Movers. This results in a massive amount of reduced workload by the people managing people, whether it’s security officers or HR.

Create a better employee experience

An integrated solution means that admins always have the right information available to help all employees when needed. The right information on employees, where they belong, and correct contact information is crucial when it comes to keeping all employees safe. If you don’t integrate these systems, the business will still run today,” says Sandra Lee, director of talent management at biotech firm Invitrogen". But if you don’t start now for the long term, you’re going to be paying for it a few years down the line”. Looking at the past HR IT efforts it mostly focused on operational systems, and usually with minor integrations in mind, but analyst and consultants say strategic integrations have more potential to benefit the whole organization, especially as knowledge within the company retires, creating labour and knowledge shortages. When this happens all businesses success will ride on making the best use of staff and h ave well-integrated systems.

We integrate with everybody and in all ways

With help from the brilliant minds in the Safeture development team, we have done, and are ready to take on any integration need any company might have. Regardless if it is with an API, FTP or Identity provider, we can do!

Tell us your needs and we have the solution for you!

Assets deployed

  • Safeture Alerts

  • Safeture Advice

  • Share data and get updated information in all systems.  
  • Location-based alerts
  • Exact GPS-coordinates to assistance provider


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Country: Philippines (Manila)

Emergency: Grenade explosion

Client: An international business risk and intelligence company


hr integration

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