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tech talks 2

Tech Talks ep.2

17th of June, 2021

Three experts on "How Technology and IT Security has improved our Lives!". Featuring Magnus Hultman, CEO at Safeture, Viking Johansson, Innovation Director at Securitas Intelligent Services and David Jacoby, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab. 

Data Nationalism

6th of May, 2021

ASIS webinar with Safeture's CIO and co-founder Andreas Rodman.

Falck Matkaturvallisuus Webinaari

18th of May, 2021

Tervetuloa Falck Global Assistancen webinaariin, kuulemaan matkaturvallisuuspalveluistamme ja niiden soveltamisesta osana viraston matkustuskäytäntöjä.

Safeture, Safehotels and 2Secure

22nd of October, 2020

​​​​​​​How you can build traveller confidence and get your people back on the road? We have brought together a panel of experts in hotel safety, traveller support and corporate risk management.

How are you managing global mobility challenges and employee health and safety? ​

24th of February, 2021

This webinar is proudly presented by Safeture and Charles Taylor.

Three key trends all business need to be monitoring

11th of March, 2021

Webinar with 2Secure and Safeture

Sicherheitsfragen bei Entsendungen!

23th of March, 2021

Webinar in German

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Product Update April 2021

April, 2021

New releases: Enhanced Privacy Filtering & Home Regions

Tech Talks

28th of January, 2021

How will we handle threats to humanity? Featuring Mikael Haglund CTO IBM and Quantum Technical Ambassador, David Jacoby one of the most competent hackers in the world and Magnus Hultman CEO at Safeture

Safeture webinar with risk expert and author Felix Timtschenko

16th of September, 2020

Webinar in German. 

Duty of care during the covid-19 pandemic

16th of November, 2020

Dr Manuela Rauch and Louise Lightfoot provide you with a wide range of legal aspects to be considered during the pandemic.

Safeture and BCD webinar

3rd of November, 2020

Insightful conversation with two influential experts within travel risk and crisis management. James Tomlin, Lise Levesque & Jorge Mesa.

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