why safeture

Why Safeture?

We make safety simple by offering a single employee safety solution for all business days – ordinary days and days filled with challenges

Business as usual is long gone. 

Three evident global trends are affecting how we do business today: globalization, digitalization, and increased mobility. All three are changing the traditional way of working with a fixed place and time where and when the work is done. All companies will have to prepare for these changes in order to stay profitable in the long term, but also to find new business areas.

working remotely

Working Remotely

Imagine this. One of your employees in finance is working from home trying to juggle work and family life. Your copywriter works at a café to boost her creativity. Your sales representative is in the car on his way to a customer meeting. 

How do you protect your employees when their workdays and locations are completely different? 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,  we have all changed our ways of working. Many of us are no longer bound to an office, giving great flexibility for the employee. However, this puts a lot of pressure on you  as a manager to adjust your duty of care and employee safety to suit today's new normal. 

Have you adapted yet?

business travel

Business Travel

Even though we have become better at replacing business trips with digital meetings, it is sometimes necessary to travel. So, when our employees do travel in business, we need to make sure they are protected at all times.

Legally and ethically, you as a manager are still responsible for your employees' safety, no matter if they are at the office back home or at a conference in New York. However, the last scene might be more difficult to handle as a Security Manager. 

What if there was a Platform where you instantly can locate and communicate to your employees no matter where they are...

We take your privacy seriously.

Andreas Rodman, CIO, Safeture​

Independent, credible and reliable

Safeture conducts an extensive security screening of our internal and external processes, both pre-emptive and as a part of our daily work. Safeture is a publicly listed company on NASDAQ First North and follows all the requirements from a corporate and financial standpoint.

How do we protect employees and at the same time respect their privacy?

privacy settings

Enhanced Privacy Filtering

We give your employees the freedom to set their own privacy level in the Safeture Application. However, if an incident occurs and the end-user press the emergency button, the privacy levels are override so that you can instantly locate your employee with their exact GPS-coordinates.
employee power

Employee Power

Your employees are the foundation of your whole business. If you protect them, you protect the company. 

Being able to locate and communicate with your employees in case of an incident, should and will be as much of a given fact as having a fire alarm at the office.

We already see a switch with increased employee power where change is driven bottom-up. Employees demand safety, and we offer the leading solution for it. 

An increased focus on your duty of care will not only give you happier employees - it will also boost your brand. 

Why Safeture?



Customer Satisfaction

Endless integration possibilities

Open Platform

Customize the Safeture Platform and make it your own by integrating it with your current systems and databases.  Did you know that Safeture is already integrated to all major Travel Management Companies and Global Distribution Systems in the world?



APIs provide a way to integrate any part of the Safeture platform into external websites, platforms, intranets or apps. The Safeture Admin Portal is built using the same APIs, with ease-of-use in mind and proven use cases for any partner, customer, or data provider.

Our internal security work

Physical Security



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